Lamu Oil and Gas Ltd, owned by Qatar National Bank and Edgo Energy. The Qataris opened their embassy in KE in April 2012; on June 1st 2012 Lamu Oil and Gas Ltd was opened in Mauritius, and won the block concessions a month later. #MauritiusLeaks
Earlier this year, a whistleblower leaked 200,000 documents to
, revealing how some companies legally avoid paying taxes in some of the world’s poorest countries. Read
's coverage & how we used AI to help dig through the docs. (link: https://qz.com/re/mauritius-leaks/) qz.com/re/mauritius-l… #MauritiusLeaks

Will this be covered by the kenyan media ama Kazi yao ni kuguess politics pekee yake

Sijasema the Don in energy sector PS Njoroge. No actually ni Bett depending on your tribal goggles.

I see uncle dp William ruto in this as well

Gojea spear akupate hapa

let our tribesmen make money …they’ll share it out with us time ya elections …kenya is great man !

DP uncle Ruto ni mweupe kuliko pamba.

Acheni Watu wale

Do you think Uhuru is in it?

No in my dream I only saw ruti