Maurice Matheka Qualified Sex Therapist...RED ALERT to former team dryfry and kawasaki member...

While i was innocently internetting and generally minding my own business…i stumbled upon this dude’s website
evidence iko hapa kwa link

i’ve put mpaka his you tube channel as a bonus…thank me later( pssst there is a squirting tutorial)

Now this will be of interest to to all Yah…so nini swali…who in this village has ever attended his therapy sessions…please raise your hands children

Of course we all suffer the misfortune of stumbling on such stuff while “innocently internetting and generally minding our own business”. No need to explain yourself, you are addressing seasoned experts with gigabytes of the stuff you just stumbled upon and worse.


LOL…The video of “how to make her squirt” …very vague… He doesn’t even explain exactly where he’s touching. Fake therapist…@ol monk should attend his therapy sessions though

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mimi ni ukweli…very innocent…i dont go googling about Maurice

Ol Monk should start with stuff like “Where to find it”

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Huyu Maurice haikosi ni Team mafisi…wah hebu check out the comments section vile the chicks are all falling over him ooohing and aaahhing

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The world wants to be decieved, hapo ndio pesa huwa

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2 weeks ago my lady friends organized a bridal shower, Maurice Matheka made 25 chicks squirt in a span of one hour,there was a chick that had never orgasmed in hee life,dude made her squirt in 10 seconds flat… He charged 5 sok for every squirt.


@Unicorn The dude has done some explaining in his website…and he is humorous too…no wonder us ladies are falling head over heels read here…

For the men who will be trying this later this evening or maybe this weekend, please remember that the G-Spot is a bumpy, kind of rough area at the top end of the vagina. Do not get creative ‘the G-Spot does not move location whenever it deems fit. And if it does, you are for sure not in bed with a human….so run."

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OMG…I KNEW IT…lazma kuna villager ame attend…@mayekeke please tell us MORE


I only watched the video on YouTube bit I have a feeling now that @msalame grace is Maurice trying to “sell” his work.

ndio hiyo fisi, if he is your neighbor and you are married lakini wewe ni mtu Man U na Arsenal na Fights za mayweather kwa pub just move to another neighborhood


Hahahaha mnachezeana?

Wah the comments lol [ATTACH=full]4812[/ATTACH]



Yaani people can post with their real 2 names…haiya

Wolololo what world have i been living in…still i wouldnt let a “therapist” called Maurice to touch my vajayjay

umepata Kabsaaa

True it happened,it was supposed to be the ladies secret but one of them spilt the beans,many call him fake but from the stories I heard he’s the real deal.