According to the News, he intends to sue the government and is seeking a whooping 12 BILLION.

I think the Moi govt messed up this great Man, financially, health wise and sexually (alifinywa Makei sana) and he deserves more than this. Moi should also apologize to him PERSONALLY(asitumane).

Mbicha iko DN page 1 enda u download.:cool:

he should sue Moi personally. not the govt. akipewa hio 12 bn it is wanjiku who he was fighting for ataumia

12 Billion juu ya kufinywa makende, si wakuje wafinye yangu basi…


Ayisi Makatiani bought his hillcrest schools @ throw away price

That Makatiani is a shrewd businessman. But, Matiba will find it hard to get 12 b from the government.

even if he is awarded by the time the little is given atakua past tense,

Usitamani boss…utabaki kuangalia na macho tu

Considering the slow pace at which Mutunga’s kangaroo courts dispense justice, if any at all.

what will be the use of twelve billion bob if you cant chase tail and actually hit it

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Fun fact ; they attended the same high school (though a generation apart)

The 1st democratically elected president of Kenya, but Moi grabbed his win and clung to power.

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And how would it have been to have a loony for a president? The man’s mental status made him unfit to lead.

you cant sue Moi because by then moi was the government and the government was moi. Wanjiku need to pay this elderly statesman, he did alot but Jaramogi fucked him after moi did. If it weren’t for his (matiba) we wouldn’t be enjoying what we are now.

Actually, it is Shikuku who fucked the opposition in 1992 when he split the original Ford. Afterwards, joyrider Kibaki even worsened the situation when he conveniently ditched Kanu to form DP. Both Jaramogi and Matiba suffered for their opposition leaning politics.

Si Obaks ni chief joyrider?

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He was given the land that hillcrest school stand by moi,atulie na awache panganga

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