Fred Matiangi is the ugliest government minister I have ever seen in modern times within the East and Central Africa region, he is more uglier than former ministers such as Berngetunyi, Taita Towett, Joseph Kamotho and Ole Tipitipi combined, his big head confirms that indeed he was a headboy in school…I want to assure him that the only man in Kenya who can ban demonstrations is non other than the mighty Raila Odinga.

the show is just starting.kuwasha moto sasa

hehhehe umeacha wapi Francis Lotodo…

For the record; Ezekiel Barng’etuny aka Bloody Hell (D 2014) was never a Cabinet Minister.

Atakuja Kesho, grand welcome planned. Let’s wait for the turn of events

unasumbuana na sura ya msee ya nini . huyo jamaa zile nyoka nilimuona nazo kwa shimo jipatie 3 lifetimes ndio ukule , jinga .


Pamba has been instructed to crush looters masquerading as peaceful demonstrators.

weka sura yako hapa akina @Female Perspective wasafishe mecho.
Are u gay? how do u notice ugliness of a fellow man?
Lastly, Matiang’i is PhD holder…what are you?

Who made him mighty??? Leading and having influence over a couple of fools doesn’t make you mighty…


you are misusing that word ‘mighty’ we only know of one mighty in kenya i.e Owuor

sura ya mwanaume mwenzako inakusumbulia nini

ulikuwa unataka kumtomba?


Jaribuni kufanya ujinga CBD kesho, ndio mtajua yeye ni nani!

We heard something similar from marehemu Nkaissery. Threats. By the way, have you noticed that Internal security ministers in Africa wenye wako na kiherehere na umama don’t last for long?

i haven’t noticed. U r telling me…enhe…why don’t they last ‘long’? and how long is ‘long’ according to your standards?
I just want to remind u that, me and u r mortal human beings…aijuaye siku ya binadamu kuhama humu duniani ni Mola tu!

More like "Bleli ell"

So Saitoti and Nkaissery ni mungu? I get it now.

If you want to know someone who is on the edge, a cornered rat…they will always start personal attacks even if they don’t make sense. Ati sura mbaya, suti ni cheap ako na upara…
Boss kunywa actal tums ama ujipate ICU.