Matiangi VS. NASA

Matiangi against adopt a polling station plan by NASA. might it be a plan by Jubilee to rig election? or its just a noble way to protect the integrity of the election process?

I must remain in Nairobi after casting my vote to guard NASA votes

Labda kibera na mathare huku kwingine utaona moshi

May be adopt a polling station is a way to rig. If for example in Homa Bay there are two police officers guarding a polling station vs. 1000 Homa Bay locals who are ‘adopting’ the polling station. Which is a likely outcome?
Stuffing of ballot boxes comes to mind. Intimidation of returning officers and polling clerks…

This can be replicated all over the country by any party in their stronghold but Homa Bay is a good area as case study.

Elections can be rigged in many ways hii maneno ya adopting polling stations ni njia ya kucause chaos

Watamwaga mboga tumwage ugali,hakuna cha kubebelezana

All candidates and political parties are allowed to nominate agents who observe elections as representatives of the candidates. Surrounding the polling station after voting, which I understand will be enclosed by a yellow tape may not be helpful.

Only IEBC accredited Polling clerks and accredited party agents will be in the polling station.

If you’re afraid it will be stolen, stay with it at home.

NASA are purporting to be wanting or I tending to guard their votes, kwanza Lemmie ask votes ni za NASA ama zetu; back to the point, by adopt a polling station my worry is that its only a few days to election na sjaskia watu wakiwa trained on how to guard their votes

good point, actually have been thinking bout it and methinks it’ll b sort of militia on duty

Piga kira enda nyumbani. Usiseme hukuambiwa

Correct to read ‘to guard naswa loosing votes’

Kikuyu ghasia

Babuon thrives on chaos. We all know how his party elections supervised my Men in Black usually ends. He now wants to replicate all that country wide. It should never be allowed, it’s a recipe for chaos.

This is a gem