Matiangi 2022

Interior Cs Fred Matiang’i inspecting PSV vehicles along Nakuru Naivasha Highway
CS wa transport ako wapi?

Asanti macho ni safi

This guy can handle all the ministries at a go

Matiang’i: Man or Machine?

Other CSs loath him for outdoing them


There’s Opus Dei, and then there’s. The Seventh Day Adventist church. SDA Church will carry the day, at any given time.

The next DP, watch this space.

Kwani ministry haina workers. He is just a busybody. Sorry to say. How impactful is his exercise?

DP to Kibwana?

Lol, seriously man? Every ministry he’s touched has transformed. Where do you live, Mars? Stop hating, lets give credit where it’s due. I guess to you it’s a case of damn if he does and damn if he doesnt.

kama @pamba ako next na matiangi

ICT policy in shambles, lands still a cartels haven, education in crisis mode, interior even worse what with all the shenanigans in this country. Reforms have to be institutionalized as opposed to being about an individual.

ndio hii hater ya maendeleo hapa…


Next time si avae uniform za polisi.

That’s illegal for a civilian, if he does that he should be charged.

My point exactly. He is now performing Junior officers’ duties.

:D:D:D On a serious note though. Hii ya matiangi ni upuss wa hali ya juu. He seems to confuse movement with progress. Ako kama wale jamaa was vitongoji duni wenye huenda ushago Christmas kutisha watu vile they have made it in the big city. In short, ako kama majamaa wa kawasaki aka nduthimen. Punyeto na minyambo ya punda tuu.

You expect that to make sense to itumbi?