Matiang’i kisii kichwa ngumu no shortcuts

[SIZE=7]DP Ruto Delegation To Seek Approvals From Matiang’i Before UK Trip[/SIZE]
Some of Deputy President William Ruto allies will be forced to remain behind after the planned UK trip after the President said that they should sort clearance from interior CS Fred Matiang’i.
Details of the order were still unclear but it is alleged that the President Uhuru ordered that the delegation be trimmed down to only allow those who have essential duties to accompany the Deputy president.
President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed CS Matiang’i to chair a new committee, the National Development Implementation Technical Committee.

Matiang’i was charged to supervise all government projects including Big Four agenda. The president made the order before he left for the East Africa Heads of State conference.
Last year the president said that he would purpose to reduce government expenditure by cutting down the number of trips that were made by government officials

Wanapiga ruto kiujinga jinga.Even if i dont like him najua ata deal nao ruthlessly.

What is to sort clearance?

dp ruto is unstoppable

Unajuaje si game ndio mjamaa aanze kucheza victim? Kwanza Hii report ni ya mharo gani?

The groupies consume millions of your tax money. You should be happy they are being restricted from the trip.

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Ati @nichonasri umesema to sort ndio kufanya nini?

typo error


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