Mathematics In Programming??

Ladies and Gents, hii story ya kusoma Mathematics ukifanya Software Development inasaidia aje in programming??? Nimekula:CALCULUS/FOOL THE SERIES/TRIPPLE INTERGRATION/POLYNOMIAL EQ… Shit is that in developing realword apps I find myself using simple equations…How do you use the Calculus and the rest…An example would help much.

You are getting too clever for yourself. real programming requires harder maths than you will ever do in school.
And note that programming is not wholly defined by the high level app development for common users. thats the easier sector. creating the underlying framework is the real programming. like to be a programmer, you are a person writing instruction sets and machine code for chips. hapo ndio hesabu iko. most “computer scientists” we hear of are really not that level. Na kama hesabu ya programming inakuletea noma, engineering hautalast wiki moja.

Kenyan developers wamezoea innefficient code because even basic concepts like sorting algorithms are beyond them.

Maths is a God subject for everything in life.

Where do all these software engineers in kenya go cuz most apps made in Ke are so ‘fragile’…?ama ndio hawa wanatuambianga “you have recieved mpesa…please return to this number”?

What do you mean by fragile? Also can we see some of these apps that you claim are fragile

How about you develop a game engine without some maths or do some visualisation without some maths or try AI and Machine learning without some maths

Google rejected Max Howell the creator of Homebrew because he could not invent a binary tree despite the fact that 90% of Google engineers used Homebrew

@aristide Can you stop yapping too much and just upload a code where you have used the complex maths please, just to dis-engage yourself from Kenyan inefficient developers please.

@Rene Descartes You try too much to sound classy and all intelligent in the computing field but I don’t give a shit about your long meaningless post.Just to make sure you are the real deal,upload an algorithm or an engine which you have debeloped using Mathematics…Hoping you havent been intoxicated by watching Tech Movies and Series…Show that you are different.

@Mshikadau ,an example of a fragile app as you say it please.Na kama hujui unaongelelea nini just shut up please.

For those of you giving me Hekayas,you ain’t helping me…I need a a code where someone has used lets say Tripple integrals,Calculus,fourier series…etc…Trying to show how smart you are by just posting crap doesnt help…Give me a code that I can test by my self!!!

Google did eventually change their hiring process.

Even for the most accomplished software engineers, those questions were difficult.

  1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

  2. How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

  3. How would you find out if a machine’s stack grows up or down in memory?

  4. How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?

Should we also do your homework for you? How about wiping your arse? If you have nothing constructive to contribute then stop bleating.

see…dont take this personal but how many android games do we have in playstore developed by kenyans?just how many of them can you stand for even 10mins?The only few apps rocking right now are the banking apps etc which just came the other day.Now leave alone the mobile apps,do we have any pc software done by kenyans?My point is that Kenya is quite left behind in technology…especially in software development.Just my opinion

Wacha hekaya mingi za abunuasi, leta hizo fragile apps ulisema tuone

Don’t change topics while cornered.

Vile unaitisha code na fujo ni kama mmepewa project na sasa una crowdsource answers

Of course maths is important in coding

There are infinite uses of maths in programming , some of them follows as:

[li]Binary Maths-Every area of programming, you can’t go much far without knowing this[/li][li]Matrices, Fourier Transforms- .found in both 2D and 3D modeling as seen in computer-aided design and photo editing software and image processing[/li][li]Bayesian statistics, Multivariate calculus-Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence[/li][li]Graph Theory - Networking[/li][li]Statistics - Data Mining[/li][li]Mathematical Reasoning - Artificial Intelligence[/li][li]Game Theory - Stock Market, Intelligence services.[/li][/ul]
As been said in other answer, the list is endless. In the long run just remember this:
You don’t need Maths skills to be a good developer but you need them to be a great one

ziko mingi playstore…zitafute apo

Hahahahaaaa just one of the hekaya guys…Leta evidence!!! Free projects are all over the net.Siwezi kuja K.Talk juu ya project.Funny enough hakuna yenye iko na hesabu complex…just simple formulas…

I did not make that claim so the onus is on you to prove it

You’re either uninformed, too ignorant to find out or probably started using a smart phone the other day. Mobile Banking apps are just a part of Fintech which is starting to gather pace here and that’s not the only the piece of tech that we have on here. We have crowd-sourcing apps like Ma3route, which is not a banking app. Edtech is also out there as well as healthtech too. So get your facts right about what is a fragile app.

It’s also worth noting that web is big out here, the shift of skills has turned to web development and hence most devs are developing on the web and not necessarily on standalone PC software.