Mathematic and Computer Science?

Habari gani Kenya talks.
I’ll be graduating this month with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Gpa iko second lower, I almost quite college juu ya course kunikalia. Now that I made it to this point what should I do. Sitaki kuenda kwa news 2years later ati nalalanga kwa street.
Little about me. !.
1.first member of my family to get a degree(extended family)
3. Former shamba boy<nlikkua nakamulia watu few years ago)

Ingia internship harak

Yenye nlipata hawalipi. This is hard for me juu ya fare na stuffs

Masomo Kenya imekuwa shit.Tunareward talent siku hizi( comedians,djs,musicians-ethic,khali-hakuenda cole,octo…
Changamkia talent yako hata kama utafunza cole za comp za mtaani
Ama uingie coding, work kwa cyber, apply ixo skills

@Deorro pea yutman internship ya Ktalk

Boss usiexpect kupata works huku nje. Na usitegemee kupata job inahusiana na course ulisomea. Kama wewe ni mjanja anza tu hustle yako. Labda kicyber hivi. Mimi saa hii ni dere wa kampuni na nilifanya HR uni. Life ni kujipanga brathe

You very horrible at making choices,sasa ikuss za hao warembo wa HR uliachia nani?
Ni kama haunaga akili wewe

My cousin did this course graduating two years ago. Let’s just say that he is self employed now.

You’re leaving campus and you didn’t start a hustle ukiwa student? You lost a golden opportunity. You could have been the laptop guy or the iPhone guy. You know that guy who everybody goes to for second hand laptops or iPhones.
You can still do it but being a dealer while a student was the perfect opportunity

Try hustle za kando buda boss vyenye umeambiwa hapo juu. Employment for now is a pipe dream.
Alaf acha nkuulize … ukiwa shamba bwoy ulikuwa unakamua watu wangapi kwa siku?

pale telegram kuna groups nyingi za job vacancies,na kama we ni mjanja usiwe choosy na jobs unapata,you never know,we all started somewhere

hiyo wachana nayo



Second lower na unangoja kazi hii kenya? Hio ni kama kupata C- KCSE halafu unaomba kuingia UON Chiromo School of Medicine. Utatambua jiji kijana!


Other than that piece of paper (read degree) what skills have you gained at school…Ndo nijue venye nakusaidia

Fikiria along maneno ya kuanza fiashara.

With a CS and Maths degree, think about entering the data analysis and statistics world. Learn Python, R, SPSS, Stata and go from there, I can assure you huwezi kosa job. The secret to today’s world is SKILLS, SKILLS, SKILLS. Then start applying for jobs like this:

[SIZE=7]Research Officer -Statistics/ Epidemiology[/SIZE]
Reference Number:
Employment Type:
Full time
Statistics and Epidemiology
Job Grade:
KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.
In addition, KWTRP has a strong commitment towards developing local research leadership. Most of the capacity building activities at KWTRP are managed through the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL) with funding from the Wellcome Trust and DFID. The aim of IDeAL is to strengthen research capacity in Africa through research training schemes ranging from attachments for school leavers and undergraduates, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, PhD studentships and postdoctoral fellowships.
To undertake statistical / epidemiological analysis of diverse health data from surveys, census, DSS and routine data collection systems as directed by supervisors
REPORTS TO: Study Principal Investigator
BUDGET AND RESOURCE RESPONSIBILITY: Responsible for allocated hardware and software
For the Public Health Unit in Nairobi and under the direction of supervisor to:
[li]Collate, clean and archive data and associated meta-data[/li][li]Undertake advanced statistical analysis with appropriate support and appropriately document these analyses[/li][li]Propose new approaches of analysing existing datasets within the research team[/li][li]Develop written reports on the analyses conducted and their interpretation[/li][li]Develop peer-reviewed manuscript quality reports for submission for publication[/li][li]To provide teaching / support in analysis to less experienced research staff / interns / collaborators[/li][li]And any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.[/li][/ul]
[li]Master’s in medical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Statistics or Applied Mathematics, Public Health and Epidemiology or equivalent.[/li][li]Degree in relevant field[/li][li]3-year experience in similar position with demonstrated research experience[/li][li]Demonstrated research experience, preferably in the health sciences.[/li][li]Proven record of quantitative research and analytical skills along with advanced research experience in data analysis and/or statistical methods.[/li][li]Experience of and demonstrated success in modelling using at least one of the following programming languages: Stata, and R.[/li][/ul]
Desirable Criteria:
[li]Experience in Geo Spatial Modelling is an added advantage[/li][li]Skills/ qualifications in ICT would be an additional advantage.[/li][/ul]
[li]Keen interest in research[/li][li]Good understanding of application of statistical methods in health research[/li][li]Experience in use of STATA and / or ‘R’ for analysis of health data.[/li][li]Be mathematically astute and have well-developed capacity to articulate approaches to analysis and clarity of thought[/li][li]Have high energy, clear goal orientation and strong work ethics[/li][li]Strong organisation skills with the ability to prioritise workloads and work within tight deadlines[/li][li]Excellent communication skills[/li][li]Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment and to multi-task[/li][li]Ability to interact with users/ office use in simple non-technical language[/li][/ul]

Funga certificates na juala weka kwa sanduku, hop onto the first opportunity that comes along. Any job that can keep you alive will do. But do not go back to shags ata iwe nini.