Mathare Manenoz Brought Online

Characteristics of a TrumanCapote species: aka Mental person
1.Talks to themselves, no one can stop them,a conversation is supposed to be between two people,and is supposed to focus on the other person
2.Keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results,posting and talking to themselves
3.Always thinks they are correct, even when multiple people try to correct them
4.Cannot fit in a social setting online or offline,whatever comes out of their mouth causes friction with many people
5.have an exaggerated sense of superiority yet look dumb to other people

Hii sasa ni overkill.

 Hapa sisemi kitu, ladies nimeachana na wao.

The killing of the Eldoret daktari is what has triggered Makena`s anger.

She will be fine next week.

Makena? I thought we were talking about a guy called kapote?

She is a lady

Mmmh its all making sense now. @digi


Huyu ni Georgina Makena.


Nilisema juzi. That person behind that handle needs mental evaluation and psychological help. Anapost essay mzima and gets zero comments, only to post three new threads with more essays soon afterwards. Any ordinary person would evaluate themselves ukipata umepost an entire essay and nobody gives a fuck.

Try and understand her POV, she is passionate about the recent cases of women being killed and for her to be that committed, passionate and keep posting essays (which i won’t lie sizisomi) i got to say thats commendable. @M2Random

If I post about something that I am passionate about and get no comments, I will avoid the subject going forward because I will assume that nobody shares that interest with me here. She does the complete opposite. That’s not normal behavior.

:D:D you guys are discussing Makena. Kwani nyinyi ni wageni huku?

ukweli…yeye na @SledgeHammer one side:D:D

True, sometimes there’s a point in the essays but it gets lost in there as the essay progresses.
Self evaluation is important, we do not have to post our thoughts on this forum all the time.
I’d suggest the author open up a blog to engage people. This forum clearly doesn’t suite their kind of writing or angle of approach.


wewe hujui makena tuliza. uliza @Motokubwa na akina @Abba nani aliua site yao. she choked them to death.

@TrumanCapote = @under23