Mateso from MWK and the husband

Women are suffering unimaginable pain in these so called marriages but I blame them for entertaining nonsense. Mtu kama hakulisha ni wa nini ushinde ukililia. Block na usonge kama injili. This is unnecessary suffering women bring on themselves. Just block if possible move houses and disappear, mshenzi ataja kutafuta akifirisika au kugonjeka. Sina feelings na machozi ya kuwaste on a useless man who does not even support me financially. In the name of marriage and a husband. Alot of nonsense. Women are the ones who give men the power to mistreat them. Mwanaume kama halipi bills that’s the end. After all had he died you could have moved on but now he’s with MWK you get depressed, Karibu ujiue uwache watoto wako wakiteseka bcz of a man who has chosen a MWK over you. Kujeni niwagawie don’t care attitude. Ladies need to toughen up as long as you are dealing with these sons of Jezebel, you don’t know what he will do next. Usiweke Roho yako yote hapo. It’s coming up on the same channel at 8pm.

@Finest wine usipitwe

Wanaume aki. You abandon a class 8 girl with your pregnancy, you return when the child is in Form 4. You get MWK who sends your wife videos of how you are fucking her, then you lose job MWK bounces, the same woman supports you for 2 years when you are jobless. This woman has so much pain from this scam of a marriage. You can feel it. The woman is too desperate for marriage that she puts up with all this crap.

Ladies when a man shows you who he is, BELIEVE HIM THE FIRST TIME, not the 27th time. Kama hii ndio kuolewa wacha ikae, mwanamke anatetemeka na uchungi ndio watu wa one umeolewa. The devil is a liar.

Where are these shows aired?


Iko channel gani kwa dstv?

I will watch tomorrow.

I watch it directly on my TV from YouTube so never had the need to find out.

Be ready for tears. This woman is so wounded.

I have listened. I don’t know what to say. I hope she gets counselling quickly for the sake of her kids. The rest will fall in place. This is the 2nd episode I have watched where a woman takes off and leaves the kids in grAve danger
Women please flee with your kids. The ones murdered in Thika were not so lucky.

Did you read that the man was in F1 and she was in STD8. This is poor parenting and as you can see her mother is still throwing her out. They both messed up v early on. She seems hardworking and will rise again. She needs counselling to help her cut out men from her life and most importantly to heal her mental scars asiue watoto.