Matchday 12 outcomes

It was a low scoring weekend as only 24 goals were scored in all the 9 games with a dozen of those coming in 3 games. The biggest game of the weekend Manutd-Arsenal was a disappointment as the two teams offered little in football ending in a draw. Toure was back to help Manchester city win against palace. Everton were held at home by Swansea while Southampton held Liverpool. Defending champions lost 2-1 in the hands of Watford while Tottenham Hotspurs needed 2 late goals to win against Westham. Chelsea struggled against Middlesborough to get a 1-0 win on Sunday while on Monday Wetsbrom hammered Burnley 4-0.
Out of 9 predictions, Lawro got 4 outcomes correct while correctly predicting the correct score for the Manutd vs Arsenal game cc @wildfrank
Manutd 1-1 Arsenal
Crystal Palace 0-2 ManCity
Everton 2-0 Swansea
Southampton 1-2 Liverpool
Stoke 1-1 Bournemouth
Sunderland 2-0 Hull
Watford 0-2 Leicester
Tottenham 2-0 Westham
Middlesbrough 0-2 Chelsea
Westbrom 0-2 Burnley

If you had correctly predicted the outcomes of all the games this weekend (not the scores, just the outcomes) you would have an odd of about 9,329. that is the odd! A bet of $1 or 100 bob would return just under 1M Kenya shillings cc @MANKI @Mzee mzima @123tokambio @Yollo

@vuja de continues with his lead at the table with 130 points, 7 better than @jagger_snr and 11 more than @Yollo who has slipped into 3rd place. @Meria Mata remained in top 10 while @WuTang remained unchanged in position 9. @Electronics4u rose from 19 to 11, @wildfrank rose from 18 to 15. @shocks also rose from 15th to 13th and @Jirani from 20th t0 16th.

So how many zeros did you get this weekend? I had 5 :smiley:



mi sioni mine, kwani niko page gani?

Kma hujioni hapo ujue uko championship, league one, league 2 ama conference

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This league is unpredictable

Ulipata zero ngapi hii weeekend?

Only got 4 points

Uko page two mungikiress…pole

I collected 6 zeros. Wacha niconcentrate na Championship…huko most games are kinda predictable. EPL ni ngumu kuruka…

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Unaona vile hio odd ni mzuri

Hio odd ulitoa wapi? Was it predicted ama ni kujazwa imejazwa after the games?

Kumbe kupata zeros ni uchungu hivo :D:D:D. I had six zeros.

Inaonekana @jagger_snr ameanza kupitia kwa mganga. 17 points :eek:

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Ni site inaitwa Oddsportal, unaweza make betslip yko hata kma game zishaachezwa

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nataka nikalie hiyo kiti pia mimi. once am through with you…nitakuta naye @123tokambio and reclaim my thrown/throne


:D:D Wacha tamaa, shughulika na EPL; hata @Mzee alirudi kuconcentrate na EPL

Nitakutumia nyuki za Kwa Vonza. Uliza @Yollo na @uwesmake

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These mid table games are the ish.
Remember the performances Burnley put against Arsenal and Man Utd only to be torn apart by West Brom.

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last time out nilikosa zote