Matchday 1 results

It was an interesting weekend with upsets left right and center. After matchday one, @The gunner is sitting pretty on top of the log with a 3 point gap over runners up @xuma who is closely followed by @Bhangi Iwe Huru with just a point separating them.
On the other end of the equation is my nigga @Jirani who is pulling the tail together with @TopCat. @Deorro completes the relegation zone tied on points with @WuTang. So will @admin grant @The gunner 1,000 shillings as promised?



we wait to see
meanwhile @Deorro amd @WuTang enjoy

Kari gani?

I know he will coz admin is a man of his word (no bootlicking).
And officially nimejiunga na hii kitu and mbona sioni @ekamsweu na vile anachezanga kwa sportsmbesha?

Hahahaha … More to come

Hii kitu iko wapi @mtu wa turedio

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niko number last…WTF

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Asande sana @virusi

League bado mbichi! 37 more match days to go

Spoken like a true Arsenal fan


what the eff is this?

By that I meant iyo thao ipeanwe after all match days are complete.

Wacha ipeanwe kila wiki. Admin hawezi kosa 38K :D:D:D

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Hujumaaa. Nilisahau kubet ya Man City - West Brom

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Predict all games until your valuated score is 10. Yours currently is 1

@The_Virus I would also think so…but Admin aongeze Mullah!