Match fixing...



Match fixing is there. There was another one last week in Sweden that led to postponement of the game

But did Real really need help to beat Malaga???

Real Madrid were to pay Malaga 1m € if they won La Liga…Real Madrid were playing Malaga in their final fixture …Join the dots.

Chelsea and Sunderland under investigation by the FA for the incident that happened in their last game of the season.
The two teams had pre-arranged to kick out the ball then allow a guard of honor for John Terry to leave the pitch.
If that can happen so brazenly, what can’t be arranged?

Hii nayo hata kama mi sio Pensioner I understand. JT is a legend huko. Even the FA had said it would not investigate until it emerged that some lucky punters were paid 3500 pounds for a bet on that happening. But there is a precedent- the same was done for Drogba in 2012- in the 30th minute. So placing a bet for JT was understandable.

South America football leagues are match fixing havens.

JESOOOO…this actually happened?:eek::eek::eek:…didnt watch the game

Sahii vile ligi major zmeisha betting ni risky Asf

Add far East East and Russian teams.