Its big match day, predictions?
United 2: loserfool 0

Manure 1 liverpool 3. Salah to show mourinho the mid finger

Remember man u will be playing Sevilla on tuesday.Liverpool might win against Mourninho.Expect a bus from Man U

ManU 1 Liverpool 2. Liv are on form. Salah & Mane are bad news. Si mbali. Tutaona.

Man utd 2 Liverpool 1 GGMU

Scousers na Mathare lazima watoe ndani.

i concur

Hii game Red devils wanatwanga hii vijana ya Klopp 3-1

Victor Wanny…ama 's rocket against
Liverpool has been voted February’s goal of the month


Come on Liverpool YNWA

Liverpool 2 Manure 1

Game is 3.30pm and I’m on the road traveling. Men this will be close.

Anyway GGMU. Bailly is fully fit and back at the centre of our defence.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the clash, the Liverpool boss said, “When United attack, I hope all my players are involved in defending to be honest. And if somebody then says that was parking the bus in that moment, then we parked the bus. I have no problem with that.”
The tactician continued, “But over 90 minutes - or 95, 97 minutes - we want to bring our football on the pitch as well. And that we know is difficult to cope with as well and that’s the plan for this game.”


Here is Wanyama’s thunderbolt.

If I was Mourinho I would spend £50 million on Wanyama and that Midfield will be complete for years. It doesn’t matter he is 30’s not the 26 years they quote. He can still play for 10 years like Essien. Shida tu ni Spurs Chairman Levy who is a notorious hard bargainer. However Winks and Dembele replaced Wanyama well when he was injured and they still have Dier. Poche like Wanyama as well but we are able to get him only that it will cost us a lot.

I fear early kickoffs with Liverpool since 2010 wakati walitukamua 3-1 at home.
Call it superstitious or whateva.

Mou ashaanza kudeflate tyres za bus

Not Liverpool alone, most early kick offs never work well for Man Utd.

i see manchester winning