Matatu Driver Kills Traffic Officer After Being Flagged Down on Eastern Bypass

A driver of a public service vehicle is set to face murder charges after running over a traffic police officer on the Eastern Bypass Tuesday.
According to reports, Edward Njoroge was carrying unidentified plastics when he was flagged down by Officer Peter Lukote at around 4 pm.
Lang’ata OCPD Gregory Mutiso said the officer asked the motorist to hand over his driver’s license. The driver allegedly refused and a tussle ensued as the officer held on to the door handle of the matatu.
The suspect then drove off, running over the police officer who had slipped and fallen on the road.
Unknown to the suspect, a vehicle attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations had been parked near the scene and a pursuit ensued.
The driver was finally arrested in Kikuyu and is set to be arraigned at the Milimani law courts today.
The officer succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment at the Nairobi West Hospital.
A post-mortem examination conducted at the Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home confirmed that the officer died from multiple injuries caused by blunt-force trauma.

Kenya police do not enforce laws, the guy died because of his greed for bribes… frankly I hate the whole police lot… pole to the family though.

tulishaona ile kijiji ingine

The way these cops just come mbele ya gari an accident is bound to happen

As I always say, matatu drivers/makangas/touts are cavemen, while traffic police are D- materials. Nothing good comes out of these interactions. Hapa the only victim is the matatu owner. Imagine if maybe he was servicing a loan for that vehicle, na maybe s/he has a kid in university, and two more in secondary school…alafu apigiwe simu ati gari yake imeua karao.

Kenya police must learn to be modern & sophisticated. All the police officer had to do is call ahead waweke roadblock and then waongezee charge of resisting arrest. Now he is dead and his family will suffer. For what? The driver’s family will be visiting him in prison while his family will have nobody to visit

When they say “the driver refused to hand over his license”, we all know they mean he refused to give a bribe.

Good job driver. Akufe mbwa takataka

Much as I don’t wish death on my worst enemy, death of a traffic officer deserves a kilo of nyama choma wrapped in aluminium foil na pilipili kwa umbali. Hao mbwa wanakuwanga bypass wako na njaa ingine out of this world. They once messed up a lovely family outing trying to shake a bribe from me. Huyo alikufa ujinga na tamaa yake.

Hard to feel sorry for a D-

I hope they toss that moron in a max for a long long time

He will cite threat to his life as the reason he took off. Atasema officer aliitisha hongo in a menacing way while threatening to shoot him.

That’s a pedestrian argument at best, where is the gun the officer held in said menacing way? He is going away for a very long time.
Human life is sacred, d- or otherwise

i hope so too…see am no popoh lover but i can never support any harm to the police…with our bonobo drivers on the roads,the cops act as a deterrent to many evils

Sadly not many people see that clearly, they are too busy hiding behind anonymous forums celebrating a man’s death.

You do realise that traffic police officer are the biggest enablers of bonobo behaviour on our roads? Matatu drivers pay a daily fee to allow them terrorize everyone else on the roads, carry excess passengers and literally break every rule as the D- look the other way. Explain to me the behaviour of rongai, buruburu, kayole, kasarani et al matatu drivers in a city teaming with hundreds of police officers.

Feelings peleka -------> kule. Our courts are know to entertain all manner if mitigating arguments.

Whatever fat a$$, leave me alone

and all that is true and unfortunate…but there are a LOT other men and women in officers who are diligent…

They let us down at our hour of need. The people who end up in courts ni wale hawakufika bei ama hawakuwa na kitu. In Kenya, ukiwa na ten Bob D- material atakuachilia hata ukiuwa mtu bora isikuwe kwa news ama msito fulani awe anafuatilia case yako. That is how low they have sunk.