Massage tao?

nani ashawahi tafutakwa online then akapata picha ya dame ni same na yeye?
gotone akanipendeza nataka kuishia sasa hivi … anaitwa celine

I wouldn’t advice it nowadays, about 3 years ago and beyond, massage parlour owners were employing innocent young girls to offer massage services. hookers latched onto it and shifted base from the streets to hotel rooms which they paid for on a full day basis then advertised on the net for clients. Management of various hotels became aware of what the pokos were actually doing and sent them away. All the above said, it’s rare to get a good massage parlour in town.

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Chaka place je? i have called and amkuma dame ethiopians, indians and many more… actually bei yao ni poa 4k per hour

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Tafuteni mabibi ama stable girlfriends. Most of you guys here are in your late 20s and early 30s na mnanunua kuma. What happened to kukatia real women and falling in love,going through the bullshit of being in love etc.?
Kuma za kununua wachieni wale watu wameoa for at least 10 years and they just pay for sex to spice up what they already have with their wives.
Hawa vijana wa siku hizi mnatuangusha sana.NKT!


baby mama drama hatutaki


Holly shit! Look who is talking now?! I thought my boy here @Ka-Buda picked up some French speaking Arabian chic … “under the influence I suppose”.Took her to some back alley… couldn’t mwaga a njoti …near got picked up by some gay dude … got picked by the 5 O’s, then ends up in a holding cells all under one night in France. Fuck me if I get a lecture on mapoko … from @Ka-Buda

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Baby-momma drama is part of growing up and being a man.

Don`t shoot the messanger and though shall do what i say not what i did.

they use fake pics wat u see is not what you get…

Haha @Ka-Buda hao wa kukatiwa are nowhere to be found. Nowadays mambo ni reversed roles, hao madem ndio wanatuweka mbox and about falling in real love hao are not yet born. ION the call girls never post their real photos

Hotel Bilmass was the most notorious… But had gud lookin pokos

@Ebru hiyo pic nimeweka does it belong to your girl?


haikuwangi per hour… ni per shot ole wako ukimwaga after dakika moja