Massage & Escort business

Hi Talkers,

Imagine of someone having an idea to open a mobile app with a marketplace of Masseuse and Escorts, you just login, Schedule date & time, book, pay and get the service either at your home or at the service provider’s place.

Is it a good investment idea, esp with good marketing plan in place?

Sio mbaya.

Apps za Kenya za anasa often very trix. I remember one called my secret confessions.
Absolute hell that app. Pretty soon went to the dogs.

Only one way to find out…what do you need help with to try?

Ukianzia ndio utajua what u have and what you need…anza

Kimakia wacha kusumbua

Makarao watakukula mbaya

Payment is cash on delivery so this model is dead on arrival. No one can pay for a massage or escort in advance. Also, once a person meets an escort they like, they deal direct with each other.

Of course any business depends on who is running it and how you are running it.

Makarau wanakukula aje na ni online wah!

I know you trying to talk the negative sides only, what about the positive sides ie sign up fees for the masseuses and escorts, verification fees, etc
As a business sio lazima you focus on one channel payment. U creating a platform as u dig deep na on how to close the open loop holes.

Maybe you create the app, the get the businesses to pay subscription fee instead of paying on transaction.Which they will because they need flow.

Skiza venye @uzito amesema, ii Kenya wakora wamefanya paying before delivery imekuwa kujipeleka kichinjio, ka fare inakulwa what guarantee do you have inplace to ensure pesa ikitumwa before hand haitakulwa? @Violete accept negative criticism

Kuna kitu inaitwa Escrow Payments. I suggest you Google it, it has made eating fare even hard doddy.

how will you commercialize your app, Tagged is arleady connecting people with escorts and masseuse for free

Sasa ukitoa kunguru tagged ikuje ikuibie utalaumu who? That’s just a scenario think of many more, a reason for dev of this particular one

The einstein moment would be when you can crack the actual picture thing. Have service providers that look like their picture, a little background info and voila… Your app is seeking to solve a problem that does not exist. The real problem is men wanting to fuck the women of their dreams,get one specific photoshoot setup with the metrics similar to mugshots so that you can standardise the providers. Stori za kuibiwa hazitamalizwa na app ama mchele, vetting properly might.

Will be just another Nairobi Raha website with fake pics. Escorts will have no incentive to pay to sign up until you have significant traction. There is already massage republic and the likes which are meeting their needs just fine. Most escorts don’t want their real pics on these sites coz they have families and social networks that do not know they are escorts. Unless you find a model where someone pays to view the pics and if they like what they see they pay to get the contacts of the escort gets a share.

In services, escrow has no guarantee. The escort will say alienda akapeana service and the client will deny that alipata service just because they did not like the escort or the service. The idea is dead on arrival. Nothing you have said that is better than Tinder, tagged, Craigslist, Massage Republic and so on. Think harder. You are only thinking about making money and not solving a problem for either the escort or the client.

We have something we call digital signatures integration. Kukuridisha wacha niseme umeshinda. Bt it’s something I’ll launch soon na utaitumia in some day, that one am sure.

What is digital signatures integration?