Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles boss quits after crash kills 7

Now that is what I call taking responsibility. Sio Kama hapa kwetu kwa sh!thole country Kenya, mtu ako na scandal Kama Thao na bado yeye ni DP.

The head of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles resigned Tuesday amid revelations that the truck driver accused of vehicular homicide in the death of seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire was able to keep his commercial driver’s license despite a drunk driving arrest last month and a history of other serious traffic violations.
The resignation of Erin Deveney, registrar of the Massachusetts RMV, is effective immediately, Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said.
Deveney’s departure comes after Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, a 23-year-old truck driver from Springfield, Massachusetts, was charged on seven counts of vehicular homicide. A pickup truck and trailer that he was driving Friday crossed a double-yellow line on a highway and collided with a group of motorcycle riders in the rural town of Randolph en route to a nearby veterans fundraiser.