Mass shooting in US

Mass shooting reported in Virginia. At least 11 dead. Occurred on a public beach. Shooter reported dead. He was said to be a disgruntled former worker of the city council. The firearm used was purchased legally. Source CNN

waiting for dank memes…

If these masshotings were commited by black people they would have made new gun laws long time ago. If liberals want new guns laws they should hire a black mass shooter and you will see the laws start changing.

White crime is no crime!

When the black panthers started open carrying rifles back in the 70s, states tried to curtail gun rights, and that was the birth of the militant NRA we know today

Not even Sandy Hook made these guys change gun laws.

Especially when Trump is in office.

Who cares?
Americans should even be encouraged to carry out these mass shootings every other week.
They too need regular doses of misery as payback for what they subject other Nations to.

I’d say natural selection cannot be ruled out. Just that we don’t choose our death path.

Furking NEGROS always finding ways to make everything about them. Now you people are pretending to be the victims instead of the dead.

[SIZE=7]11 dead, 6 injured after Virginia Beach mass shooting[/SIZE]

Poleni kwao


[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]Fyi…See how history repeats itself…?.:D:D

Good for them. When is the next one?

Here is the shooter, Dewayne Craddock. Lets see how this is resolved. [ATTACH=full]240870[/ATTACH]

Nilikua huko Jana Bana… Cops all over