Masinga TT

It will be held this month,
Here is the list of the competing cars


Check number 20… 5500cc Benz
See it launch in MPH


Hawatambui bei ya mafuta kabisa



Unatusumbua na gari ya 11m n this is u

Try something else bro. Wacha kimbelembele. I don’t drive subaru so i can’t be in a subaru WhatsApp group.

@introvert nataka unitengenezee kama hii ata kama ni ya waya

Masinga TT is not for quick acceleration. It’s all about balance, control and good driving.

The AMG is too heavy and it will not stand a chance.

Why aren’t there more cars competing? They’re very good cars in Nairobi/Mombasa sitting in garages that should be brought here…

Whoever the sponsors are should better market the event and offer cash prizes and fuel discounts.

kwanza @introvert kuna classic chevy pickup Kamiti road, I think its grounded, you may be interested in. I saw it while passing by and saw your bald head gracing it. Will take a pic and bring it here

When I become Pastor of my flock, I shall get a Tomcat…na sadaka.

subaru waliblunder kuwacha kuproduce the sg9 na sg5 that was one good looking car

Kabisa, these toyota-looking motherfuckers zinabore!

Nikama wamerebrand to Subaru Levorg. Watched it race in some British racing series, sio mbaya.

the place is full of idlers