masaobu ya colonel mustapha..

Colonel Moustapha is at it again.
The controversial rapper who is
known for his theatrics has now
come out to brag that he
has bedded more than 20 women
since his much publicised break up
with singer Marya.
Speaking to Word Is the Lenga
Stress singer revealed why he has
not been able to sustain a long
lasting relationship with his dates.
“I have never gotten a lady of my
class.” He declared.
Among the ladies he has dated
was the one from NTV’s Tujuane
dating show whom he broke up
with because she had a baby. On
the break up with socialite Huddah
Monroe, he claims it was as a
result of a picture he took with one
of his lady fans.
“Huddah was very mad when she
saw the picture that I took with
one of my female fans. She walked
off from a music video set when we
were about to shoot and we lost
over Sh100,000 due to that,” he