If there was good governance in this country, the authorities concerned would have noted this club that opened two blocks away at the heart of Residential place.
Wamnyonyez,happy birthday to you.
Na vile niko na backlog ya usingizi

Shida ya kuishi next to Aston Villa

this slogan is getting old

@Kimakia is @SledgeHammer

Is this an accusation or a compliment?

Hapa ni committee ya nyumba kumi?

Kenyans (you) have to learn to defend themselves. Chukua sheria mkononi. You and your neighbors should have lunch for afande ready then move on to phase two of the plan.

Hapana yeye ako Njoro Belba,mimi niko Irovi

We’ll look into that during our monthly court meeting.Its one of our neighbour who have allowed the son to start a club.

I thought you are above that,leave me and him alone.
Mipango ya leo ni ipi?,i like being busy and active

Don’t take it lying down. Your sleep and peace of mind is very valuable.

I don’t think the club will be operating by next weekend,the tone on our whatsapp group means business,the leaders are going to have the issue addressed immediately