Masaibu ya Mutheu : The saga cont...

A woman who was mauled by a wild animalafter she was forced out of a truck she had hitched a ride in has given new leads that could help bring the crew of the vehicle to justice.

Irene Mbithe, 20, who is recuperating at Machakos Level 5 Hospital, said yesterday the vehicle she boarded in Mombasa was an oil tanker with a blue body and a white cabin.
She boarded the Nairobi-bound truck after she was taken by another one to the coastal town [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]from Machakos allegedly against her wishes.

“Although I can’t remember the exact place I was picked up from since it was my first time in Mombasa, the vehicle I boarded was a tanker transporting petroleum products, had a blue tank and a white cabin," said Ms Mbithe.

Based on her accounts, the truck left Mombasa between 4pm and 5pm on July 30 and would have taken approximately an hour to the Mariakani weighbridge, where its details would have been captured by a Kenya Revenue Authority tracking system.

Following the new information, an association of transporters has offered to parade truck crews who used the Mombasa-Nairobi highway around the time of the attack to help Mbithe point out the suspects.
Alfayo Otuke, a former CEO with Kenya Transporters Association, said with the estimated arrival time at the weighbridge, it would be possible to track down the vehicle and its occupants.
“With such information of the time they passed Marikani, it will be easy for the association to track down the vehicle she was in and have the drivers who passed the weighbridge at that time paraded for the woman to point him out," Mr Otuke said.

He added it would take the association 60 days to unearth the identity of the vehicleand its crew.

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) said the vehicle could have been loaded on the fateful day either from Shimanzi Gate 3 or the Kenya Pipeline storage in Kipevu.

“Vehicle particulars are entered at the exit gate at the port, and I think the same is done at the 12 Container Freight Stations (CFSs) here in Mombasa, but if the victim says it was a tanker then such can come from Shimanzi Gate 3 and Kipevu,” said KPA Public Relations Officer Sylvan Mghanga.

Mbithe said once she recovered, she could travel to Mombasa to show where she boarded the truck. She said it was a place adjacent to the highway and where a group of young men were seated chewing miraa.


A case of naivety meeting with pure evil! Sad, their actions will catchup with them. I am sure that the culprits have no peace wherever they are

These are the consequences of painting Mombasa town White and Blue…
Every thing becomes White and Blue…
ION, pole sana kwake… it could have been worse.
And for the culprits, they deserve the worst punishment that can be thrown at them… legally and illegally!

:D:D:D I was trying to recall where I have seen the white and blue…

Kwani polisi wa Kenya huenda training kufanya nini? This is a fairly simple case to solve. But I guess most are too busy taking bribes to care…

Lets wait and see how the story pans out, originally she had been abducted using some ‘magic water’.

What befell her is tragic and no one should go though the same, but the sequence of events given to the media dont add up ,and her own father seems to concur, below is what he had to say

However, Mbithe’s father, Felix Mulwa contradicted Mbithe’s story, saying she had accompanied her boyfriend to Mombasa before they disagreed and she had to find her way back to Machakos. “That is how she found herself in the hands of those heartless men,” he said.

story ya mbithe hai add up,if she was heading to Nairobi,i’m assuming,from kambaland,dumped in coasto “against her wishes”,(dere wa truck akadecide ferk it i’ll dump this crow mobasani ) gets chewed up by a canivourous animal in tsavo neighbourhood,then hopitaliszed in machakos…

Huyu msichana si aongee tu ukweli mara moja asaidiwe

Kweli aseme tu reg number ya hio truck ya @amun juu anaijua poa

kabisaa. Naona amun anachangamkia hii story sana. Ikitokea tu hivi anarusha rebuttals


kwanza thermos ([SIZE=1]tankers[/SIZE]) za blue with a white cabin are very few on the road :D:D:D:D:D

Nothing adds up. First she claimed she was picked up from cabanas , then now it turns out she was picked from machakos ‘against her wishes’ .
I empathize with her fate but she is being untruthful.

No no no, my deer @amun is a very very honorable fella and cannot stoop to such levels.:D:D:D:D

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