Masaibu ya Chase Bank

Kumbe i was also a member; though not directly.
If you have been using the Airtel card, hata wewe ulikuwa member. Sasa sijui nikatupe ama nitegee nione kama watafungua biashara niendelee kuitumia…

hehehe yani unajua two weeks later pia wewe uko kwa mix

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Any bank with islamic products nimeamua siweki pesa


And the Governor needs to be honest. Chase Bank will most likely not re-open.

Ask youself, if your were its customer and it did reopen, what would be the first transaction you would execute? Thanks…


Pia mimi ni victim through Naivas card :frowning:

A senior State House official and a Safaricom
executive were two days before Chase Bank
collapsed paid back money they had invested in
the bank through a private placement late last
year, raising questions as to whether they had
prior knowledge of the looming shutdown.

Hehehe…ni vile the word ‘Bank’ doesn’t hit home until days later. Kama vile unaskianga kuna strike za matatu; only to realise hata biz yako inaenda hasara juu customers lazima watumie matt kuja.

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Now this is new, ebu fafanua tafasari

Nimecheki pia some of the counties were affected by the closure

the company I work for chase bank’s bancassurance arm has gone under with just over 4.2 M in unpaid monies

they always do, although not officially from CBK. I also heard they were collapsing back in January.

kutoa kila kitu

My friend, sio lazima ujibu. Inaitwa rhetorical question. Lakini nakuelewa.



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Fafanua tafadhali!

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First thing, Chase Bank is a stable bank, their non performing loans were weighing them down. Secondly, CBK will put a cap on the maximum amount you can withdraw at any given time, this will limit the big boys with over 100m and above. watu wa kutoa 40-500k will definitely go ham although pesa yao ndogo haisaidii bank. Either way, the bank is poised to return to its operations. question will be will the public still do business with them after they broke its trust??? In the financial world, trust is all you have not the money


@123tokambio I read an article yesterday on business daily that there were disagreements between the auditors on how to account for Islamic Products. Directors wanted them accounted for as Investments which auditors agreed but later on decided to account them as loans and they were hit by a massive provision that resulted in the bank making a loss. So mimi I decided to research what these Islamic products are and how they are accounted. Spent 2hours on a Malaysian Accounting forum na I didn’t understand at all the accounting entries for these Islamic products. Kama mimi sielewi, how can I trust others? That’s why nimeamua siwezi weka pesa kwa bank that is offering such.

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Agreed, first rule of investment, never invest or put your money where you have doubts.

The bank has lost trust and the first thing people will do when it opens is clean it out. The fucker has to be liquidated. Now it has very small market value and assets will be bought cheap by some other bank.

And why are the bing banks so quiet ama wanaficha umeffi?