Masaibu Ya Airtel money agents

Almost half of the airtel money agents weren’t paid commissions for august without any explanation/communication from airtel.
bado hawajui.

Who really uses Airtel money?

yaani bado hatujui

Wish you could know what you are missing.

Mine were paid.

Like never

Every Kenyan should now invest in 3 lines and use them this way.
Airtel-Voice calls,
And everyone lived happily ever after.

Telkom Vs Airtel data tofauti ni?

Telkom data is stronger town za mashinani

I have airtel and Safaricom but airtel data is crap, I am thinking of switching problem is my airtel line was actually my first line(Huko Bungoma airtel ilifika kabla Safaricom)

Airtel Money iko tu sawa. Ni vile sio kila mtu huitumia ata wenye wako na namba za airtel. Airtel for life.

sijalipwa mimi

Airtel - Voice + data on the move
Safaricom - MPESA
Faiba 4G - home internet