Maryland USA, State Where Kenyans Exported Their HIV Epidemic To

This one state has a Kenyan HIV problem dating back to the mid 1990s (P00sy for papers). They don’t talk about it but we all know the scandalous past of Kenyans there. In that state Kenyans die like flies and the reason stated is a long illness.

Tafakari hayo

Weka full hekaya mblo…

@Bottoms unaishi state gani?

are you talking about cousin ya nanii ?

Pia huku Seattle DC.


Hakuna inaeza shinda Baltimore MD. Check statistics ushangae

they also exported small pox there creating a disaster of apocalyptic proportions.

Kenyans are doing very well in the US despite our tribal differences at home.

Salimia KDMC

Woow all this infor bila Stats or links is perhaps hogwash?

I don’t know about Kenya, but Africans and HIV are joined at the gene level

Stop this self hate, HIV tests for US VISA applicants were a must upto very recent.

When was that and when did they stop?

Nah…they used to test HIV for certain visa categories. Ongeza guys who travel back and forth. Btw…watu wa majuu huwa wamebeba hii kitu sana ni vile wako kwa dawa. Saw a WhatsApp share a while back about Minnesota. Kenyans were 2nd to Ethiopians na new infections.

That’s just propaganda by whites to paint you in bad light.

I believe in this theory. But have no supporting evidence for it. Any references?

Seattle DC ni wapi???

Huko ni kwa Magina. Yule wa magego

it was stopped during the Obama term, was stopped as it was infringing on peoples privacy i guess, and discrimination and also encouraging HIV phobia

Spot on nilikuwa gigiri in 2016 getting my medical tests and the lady told us that when obama go elected hizi ma discriminatory regulations ( hiv na stripping naked) were stopped but if you want to be a permanent resident of australia they do test you for hiv.