Back in 2011, @ home we had this PYT (Pretty Young Thing) serving as a Cabinet Secretary for home affairs, i chokozad her n we hit it off i was in college then, there were times i would pretend to be sick so th@ i would miss going to college & since she used to be home alone, this was a perfect opportunity to fuck her. She used to espace from her bedroom in the middle of the night & straight to my bedroom, we would fuck throughout the night, there was this time i heard my younger sister telling my Mum th@ i was fucking Mary, but since there was no evidence i denied vehemently. The fucking continued upto the point i eavesdropped my mum asking her why her tits had become soo big…damn mary used to give me the sweetest fuck

Habari Mureithi Junior

God Bless Mary

Ulivuta bangi kabla u post hii thread?

We have heard that before and seen many do so. No news.

Liberty this was just a TBT.

Huyu ni mtoto wa @aviator? Your Mom delivered this hekaya better…

@Viking tulivuta na Nyanyako.


In that case its okey, agreed.

Finally the hekaya from the protagonists point of view. Hata kama ya @aviator was more detailed si mbaya kutupea ya version and confirming that you made @aviator a grand mother before her time…