Mary Williams - ME MY SELF AND I

I have been hooked to this girl’s video logs all morning…hata ile job nilikuwa nifanye sijafanya…

Check her out the confidence and conviction with which she speaks her mind is out of this world…

She has inner beauty though.

Propose to her basi


Naona unataka matusi on a Monday morning…chunga sana

a lot of it!

Good sir would you fap to her?

Pia Mimi Niko na inner beauty… Am all pink!!! Can I give you some?

Si ungoje hata jua iwake jameni!


Av watched alot of her videos and 90% of them i couldnt find the humour! Shez one mboch huko middle east who has alot of time! Am sure akirudi kenya utamwona churchill next stop radio station job!

That chic is jus an idler in Uarabuni and she is also sex starved…si u know in uarabuni kudinyana is not allowed if yr not married. Most ladies ambao huwa middle east huwa sex starved walai…the thirst is real. I once told her to get laid in one of her videos…she blocked me…ukweli uuma


Nashuku wewe huwa hauvai hata Ngotha… you are so fast to offer the kanyau always:)

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ive never heard of this biach

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@Lifeist kwani iko shida mtu akipata kazi hivyo

Not at all!

Aki nimevaa…


Ya colour gani?


ulikuwa unamwambia adinywe na nini huko uarabuni?


iko na kashimo hapo chini?

pull aside