Mary wambui


Mimi naona this woman deserves that post of parastatal chairperson judging by this video:D:D:D:D… kelele peleka kule…》》》》
We had a chance of sending drunkard Uhuru home and redeem ourselves but kuumira tano tena brigade led by mungikiress @Mrs Shosho walisema Uhuru abaki…go fuckkk yourselves cooooomer ninaaaaaaaaaaa…juzi nilienda thika ile vumbi iko hapo wacha tu…penda sana:D:D:D:D

Achaneni na mum akule polepole.
Vijana mkipewa kazi mnaenda tu kuiba.

The joke is on the Kenyan voter who bought the lie that this Gava is gava ya maYouths!!

Mtapika kelele twirra na myamaze after one week, then muendelee kumeza mate hao wakikula nyama.

Stop har

na akome tagging @Mrs Shosho !

Betamale detected :meffi::meffi::meffi:

I think by now all those who were voted out have been appointed to plum positions in the govt.
One more reason why i will never waste my time again going to queue

She did complain about you and the least you ought to do is understand that ,calling name hauling insults yaitakusaidia !

I have to be paid cash upfront to leave my house and go engage in that nonsense again.
Am beyond caring now whichever thief gets elected president.

Mungiki tunajua you worship your women…am not surprised

I don’t worship humans but I totally respect them you included .

watapikeko kelele? eh?

didn’t you see the elections were rigged. mefi wewe

Haus…niki warakara rushine tene uguo? Usimind coz I can only see the thread owner’s name but cannot see what they are yadaring about, agaaaaaaaain. This is why I adore the ignore button and will continue applying it vilivyo. Kisha atafuata nyayo za his forefathers…meaning atapona kunitaja.
Else… I have some v good news lakini wewe hukunywi the devil’s sauce:(. Yule ex wangu, rafiki yako ako huko na ako na some v deep pockets. Mtafute at least atoe kitu kidogo, then you bank it, we shall use it when I come over, meaning I will drink yours and mine…si ‘umenyit’ ni mgani?

Wacha kibukusu mwami