Marvel phase 4 movies. Blade, Thor 4, Eternals, Black Widow.

Marvel, 7 hours ago at SD comic con, announced their next movies and tv shows for Disney+.

Thor 4(Where Jane Foster becomes Thor).
Loki(alternate dimension)
Doctor Strange and Multiverse madness
Falcon and Wintersoldier
Wanda X Vision
And the biggest of all Blade.

Blade was the movie that kickstarted super hero movies. Not Dark Knight. Not Iron Man 1. Blade.
And he was black too. First black superhero movie to be successful.


Disney will just make marvel Die. Look what they did to mystique. Alafu if you’ve seen the Dark phoenix uta realize the plot got lost in the way.

The original dark phoenix Saga portrayed mystique as Xavier’s sister and she wasn’t Killed by jean since she was part of Magnetos team

They missed to place jean as the leader of hell fire club, a group of mutants that were responsible for corrupting jean

The X-men engaged jean in combat but lost and only cyclops was left standing in jeans way And she had to kill herself, after all she has the phoenix mutation in her and she will respawn

The only thing they got right is accents. You can tell that storm, Ororo munroe played by Alexandra Shipps is from East Africa from her accent in that movie. Another one is Night crawler played by kodi you can clearly hear his Bavarian accent

Jesus Christ!
You are so wrong that it is not funny.
Sijui nilie ama nicheke.

Disney has owned Marvel since the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Iron Man 1.

  1. Marvel does not own rights to the Xmen franchise. They sold it to Fox in the 90’s

  2. Marvel was bought by Disney after selling the rights for Spiderman to Sony, distribution rights to Hulk, Xmen, Fantastic Four to Fox.

  3. The reason Spiderman is on Marvel Cinematic Universe is because of a special contract with sony. They don’t make any money from those movies. It’s also the reason why Hulk never has a solo movie. Universal owns distribution rights to hulk.

  4. Fox made Dark Phoenix. The Xmen movies are not part of Marvel Cinematic Studios. Fox owns the rights to make movies for Xmen. Or rather, they owned them. They were bought this year by Disney ili waache kuharibu characters wa Marvel using shitty xmen movies

  5. Fox was bought by Disney this year. This will bring back Xmen into the M Cinematic Universe. The first Xmen movie from Marvel will be huko 2025 na mbele.

  6. Marvel owes disney their success. Marvel sold all their A list heroes because they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Disney bought them and gave them funding to create IronMan and subsequently, the avengers.

You failed to point out flaws za dark phoenix Saga compared to this Dark phoenix

Edit: have you seen it already

You don’t get it, do you?
Dark Phoenix, the movie was produced by Fox. Not Marvel Studios. Disney controls marvel studios. They just recently bought fox.

Disney led Marvel to success. Warner Bros lead DC to death. Marvel, under Disney has made a billion dollar movies one after the other. Avenger 1. Civil War. Avengers Age of Ultron. Black Panther. Avengers Infinity War. Captain Marvel. Avengers Endgame. Spiderman far from home(it is at 967M going to 1B).

No other studio has ever had such success as Disney. This year, they are making over 5B$ from Marvel alone.

Then they made Alladin (will hit 1B in 2 weeks).
The Lion King(will hit 1B)
Toy Story 4 (900M) - will hit 1B
Maleficent 2
Blah blah. It’s the hugest entertainment company. And you are saying they are about to Kill Marvel?! The company that turned Marvels B list heroes into A listers?

Unajua Marvel sold all their A list heroes. Hylk, Xmen, Fantastic four, Spiderman… Disney turned the B heroes into A heroes namely Avengers.
Disney bought Fox so that the A heroes could return to Marvel.

You are pinning the Dark Phoenix movie on Disney. They didn’t make it. Marvel Studios didn’t make it either. Xmen was ownes by Fox. Fox made Dark Phoenix and messed it up like they messed up all the Xmen movies. They turned Marvels A listers into C heroes.

Just because you see a movie starting with marvel doesn’t mean it was made by Marvel Studios or Disney.
Xmen movies start with the word Marvel. Never Marvel Studios.

You get my point now. I was to talk about fox spoiling the MCEU movies sijui vile akili ilibaki kwa Disney

Thor anakuwa dem aje ? Sex change ama ? What does the original comic say?

Feminazi na ma homo watauwa kila kitu

Ile Xmen ya watoi wa kina wolverine ikitoka nilitoa review nikasema it was useless and the idea of the kids taking over was unacceptable ndio hio sasa

Hii ndio sababu am not watching hizi movie mpya. Ziko na uhomo na ufeminazi mingi. Siku hizi nawatch documentaries pekee.
Kama ni movie ni zile za kitambo za pre-feminazi na pre-homo.

Iko kwa comics.
Thor became unworthy.
Jane Foster took over.

But saa hii Thor hana Mjonir ako na StormBreaker. Ilivunjwa na Hela, sistee yake. Itabidi they get Mjonir from the past. Kutakuwa na Thor wawili.
Na Chris Hemsworth, Actor wa Thor anataka ku take a break from acting. Ata retire kwa Thor 4.

Halafu hii mambo ya SJW achana nayo. Kama haingekuwa, hakungekuwa na any black superhero.

Unaona venye una complain ati Thor ni a woman? Hivo ndio racists wanapiga kelele that the next captain America ni Falcon(black)

Hiyo pia inafuata comics.
Xmen wote wamekuwa watoi kutoka kitambo kwa comics except Wolverine, Magneto na Xavier, Storm na Cyclone.

From the comics also Iron Man and wolverine got replaced by girls.

Swali tuu hio comic yenye Thor ana change anakuwa dem iliandikwa pre 1999 Ama after ?

Na hizo comics najua zimekuwa since the 50s , are the homos and feninazis writing new comics to suit their gay agenda ?

Na hao comic authors Ni kina nani ?

To make it worse the female Thor ni kakonda sana. They are already killing the comics now they have started killing the mcu movies.

Umesahau Blade movies. Na sjw ni kuharibu tu juu wanaleta feminazi ideologies which demean men and promote alot of faggotry. Kila mahali lazima gay akuwe mpaka unaweza fikiria gays are 90% of US population.

Acha zako bana, why not create their own original superheros, why piggy back on already established ones. Hawa watu wanaharibu bana. If they were so pro-diversity they would be making us watch more scarlet witch and Black widow, like DC did with Wonder Woman, lakini they know those aren’t as popular.

Infact these sjws are shooting themselves on the foot by implying that the only way women and other oppressed types can succeed is if they originated from you know, their ‘oppressors’.