Martha Wangari Karua ,Wavinya

Could she be committing political suicide petitioning Waiguru’s win, take the scenario the court grants her wish and order for fresh gubernatorial elections, will she beat Mumbi? Cendro people will view her as taking advantage of the situation and punish her thoroughly.
In Machakos , if the court orders for gubernatorial elections, it will be a fierce battle between Mutua and Wavinya. Following the current euphoria, Mutua might get the hardest test of his time. Political alignment has already started to form… Interesting times ahead.



Karua will lose miserably & terribly, but sweet Wavinya will carry the day in Masaku if re-elections were conducted today…


For Karua’s case the margin will be astronomical. Wavinya the talks shall tell. Clouds have gathered indeed.

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Its high time you stop minding other peoples business, hao ni billionaires wanamenyana and whoever takes the mantle will screw you


Why did Uhuru mistreat Ngilu yet in 2013 she campaigned so hard and earned him 100k Kamba votes? NASA would be seriously weakened in Ukambani if Ngilu was in JP. Mind you she was exonerated of any wrongdoing in Lands docket.

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Karua needs @shoti_mzito atulie.

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In form one history, I was introduced to man’s aspect of life :
3.Economic No way we can avoid this talk, just like the way you have failed to avoid politics, thus the curiosity to comment. I know they are billionaires even Maina Njenga

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Take the scenario maybe Kenyatta could have offered Martha a job but which now seems impossible. Assume Nasa wins and by chance gives her a job. Politics have no permanent friends or enemies. Interesting times ahead

Karua does’nt have a choice .She already lost the TRUST a long time ago when she ran against yours truly.Umbwa wa boma haiwezi bwekea mwenye boma.

There was an outcry especially from odm for certain cabinet secretaries to be fired. She was accused of allegedly being part of a shoddy land deal. The president fired her and others.


That lady needs to be poached by JP in readiness for 2022. Her influence as kitui governor will be huge…we can’t afford to lose those kamba votes next election.

the response might be he is a relative or along those lines if not an insult

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the position of the CEO of .ke is a precarious one. you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. your detractors do not let you hear the last of it when they accuse you of condoning corruption…they then turn around and accuse you of hurting mtu wetu if you take some action and punish you for it…


Not forgetting “Uhuru is not doing enough to foster unity” seriously, do you expect Uhuru to come and tell you to love your neighbor? Jesus said so Na hamkumsikia.