Martha Karua has criticised Justice Njoki Ndung’u over her dissenting judgement on the nullified presidential election.

Karua has expressed dismay that Njoki chose to attack her colleagues who nullified the election instead of focusing on her judgement.

Njoki said her peers erred in nullifying Uhuru’s win and that they did not look at the evidence provided by IEBC - Karua has also criticised Uhuru and Raila for chosing what to accept or reject from the ruling NARC Kenya leader and former Kirinyaga governor aspirant Martha Karua has attacked Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndung’u over her judgement on the cancelled election. Karua has taken issue with Njoki’s dissenting judgement which she delivered alongside her colleagues at the court on Wednesday, September 20.

Njoki seemed to criticise the decision by four of her colleagues to nullified Uhuru’s win as she said they failed to look at the evidence tabled by the respondents in the petition filed by the NASA coalition. Martha Karua has taken issue with Njoki’s dissenting judgement which she delivered alongside her colleague.

Uhuru’s lawyers planning to overturn Supreme Court judgement that nullified presidential election In her over 400-page judgement, she said the nullified election was conducted within the law and her colleagues were wrong to nullify it on technicalities. Karua is not impressed by her judgement. Karua believes Njoki erred in criticising Chief Justice David Maraga, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Justices Smokin Wanjala and Isaac Lenaola who nullified Uhuru’s win. Martha Karua says Njoki should have focused on her judgement, not attacking her peers.

Given that she (karua) is going to court based on the 4 wakora judgement, seeing it exposed for the criminal act it is makes her own case dead on arrival. All the defence lawyers have to do is quote Njokis dissent. thus her bitterness

Karua amazes me. She’s already in the deepest hole a woman can find herself in, but she continues digging. Why, why?

huyu mama akwende. Just trying to remain relevant in her fast diminishing political career.

Haiya, she’s still alive. :D:D:D

I totally agree with you… the dissenting rulings remain rulings that applies to any courts in the law. Just because the majority ruled it does not make that the lower judges will follow suit.

Karua just can’t help herself. In all the bitch wars she gets involved, she’s always the kiherehere monger. Too bad Njoki Ndung’u is too classy to get into a cat fight with her.

Random thought: who’d win between the Terror of Kirinyaga and Millie “skunky panties” Odhiambo? :cool:

Thought she had learnt the hard way from 2013 to date. You can’t fight your kingpins and win. Orengo, Nyonyo and Tuju tried this and were humbled Political correctness is very far from us. Sometimes, silence works miracles. Right now, if she wanted to remain politically relevant, she should be fighting Kamwanas battle considering that she is a lawyer

ai, ata kama. Martha hajafika skunk level ya huyo mwenda

When Uhuru visits her home turf in the near future you will see him embracing her…

Hapo ndio Uhuru huwa anatuangusha. The same people who go ahead to backstab him. He should bury her politically completely.

Hehe… I know but she’s just as feisty if not more. Decency has no place in a cat fight! :slight_smile: