Martha Karua-New Watermelon in Politics

Seems Martha Karua is the new watermelon last time I checked she was pro Uhuru seems her loss to Waiguru made someone bitter hadi ameshift goal tena she is beyond repair ajikaange kama PK aka muthungu wa Muranga 2022 si mbali evidence attached.

and she still think she can win? after this statement, she will be lucky to get an eighth of what she got.

:D:D:D:D Deluded mind.

My friend, where in that tweet is she being a watermelon?? A simple statement and you misconstrue it to fit your narrative. Anyway I understand you are in the 5 phases of loss and you must blame everyone else but yourself :smiley:


the day kenyans will vote intergrity this country will be blessed


She should not even bother filing any case against Waiguru.
If they go for a byelection, her loss will be convincing.

It’s very important to not only go to school but a good school.

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(179, 0, 0)]Accept and move on. We cannot be politicking 24/7. Go back to nation building
[SIZE=3](every jubilee supporter addressing a NASA supporter after the 8/8 election and 2013)[/SIZE]


not only convincing but embarrassing…this is where you find your next door neighbour, pastor, chief, former village sweetheart and gardener did not even vote for you.


sioni uwatermelon hapo. it’s true the SC rubber stamped the supremacy of the katiba.

She is tweeting as a lawyer there which is all good. Nikweli the katiba has been upheld. Khocha Chebukati shindwe!


Learn to read and understand my issue ain’t about presidential petition its about her petition for gubernatorial race she accepted the outcome what changed

What’s with NASA goons always trigger happy my issue is her back pedaling about the gubernatorial race she accepted the outcome funny enough she is using the Kirinyanga women Rep to fight with Waiguru story ya petition ya President iliisha

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Arguing with you is a waste of time my issue is the Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Race she accepted the outcome why petition later


Interesting times ahead

A politician should know when best to shut up. Which other Jubilee-allied politician congratulated the court for overturning Uhuru’s win?

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You are right.

Maybe she came across new material facts about the race that she didn’t have at the time she was conceding.