Mars one , its crap. We will never colonize the Mars

Why, its crap? First it may not even get practical and if attempted i don’t have a death wish.

water has been found on mars, there’s hope.

are aliens present there?!

:eek:We’d have to live in tents at first. But carrying building machinery would be cumbersome. Picture a Caterpillar truck being transported there.

It would be a tough start, considering the distance. What if there are deadly microbes waiting for us to terminate the human race?

The idea is to create greenhouse effect first to make it warm enough for humans to live.

For the best available rocket ship, which doesn’t exist btw it will take you over an year to get there the comfort standards are nothing like those of the titanic yet you stand a higher chance of dying, by comparison its a much more bumpy and congested ride than a matatu, whats even worse you ride it for well over an year.


Why transport the machines? Where did the ones on earth come from?

You make them there, from whatever is available. Most likely, our own wouldn’t work in such environment where e.g. g<>9.8, atmospheric pressure <>1 atmosphere, etc.

Ara … kwani there are plans of relocating? :stuck_out_tongue:

500 or 1000 years from now, people will open this page and laugh at how backwards we were

How? By releasing greenhouses gases? We should get there and start polluting Mars a little.

Yeah, minerals will be there. First machines would be hand made, mechanization, automation would follow much much later. I feel it would be another Iron Age.

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Yeah , NASA will first send 100 people. One way ticket.

Watu wamekua wakiona too much science will always be our home, this is just wishful thinking.why dont we solve earths problems first, poverty, pollution, hunger, war and then think of relocating.

@all, let’s also consider possible spin-off technologies arising from this venture that’ll most probably be utilized right here on earth.

I wouldn’t be among the 100. Aliens won’t share Fta signals, it’s boring there and only thing to play with there is soil.

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Personal flying cars which should land at ‘carpads’, not helipads.


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They are a joke. There is a difference between a glory and a stunt. You see a stunt is achieving beyond your abilities while a glory is expanding your abilities to achieve more. Now astronaunts are stunt men, like monkeys riding a bycycle thats a stunt, but after a million years when the monkey evolves intelligence like that of the planet of the apes its a glory coz the achievement is natural and innate to it and doesn’t strain it to desperation like a daredevil. Thats what, these astronaunts are daredevils and nasa are the stunt coordinators. I ll await my evolution to transcend even if it takes a billion years.

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