Marrying your Ex-Shemeji

Wakubwa!.I want to marry the ex-wife of my brother.

You want: case closed

Is it allowed ?

Follow the following decision tree

  1. Are you a luo- yes - is your brother dead- yes - marry her
  2. Are you a luo - yes - is your brother dead - no -, don’t marry her
  3. Are you a luo - no - don’t marry her whether your brother is dead or alive

I see potential in her bwana.



impure blood unacheka nini brare cow?

[ATTACH=full]219622[/ATTACH]Denis kiptoo mutai[ATTACH=full]219622[/ATTACH] alifikiri ile post yake ya kusema wakikuyu wasipo rudisha mkono rift valley shiny watapata moto.

Turdmin unatusumbua.

Kumbe hiyo kunguru was dishing to u ndio your bro kicked her


yani ulionyesha admean the benefits of multihandling ngui

hukusoma ile thread ya admean is the wisest of them all? He learned from the best

People are judgement here

Ever heard of brothers killing each other ?

Kill?? why?si washaachana

mform help group na kimakia mnaweza saidiana sana

Do you have another brother ?
He may be next in line for marriage in a few years…:smiley:

A good idea because dowry hutalipa tena