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Looking back from the beginning of my dating life, I have never dated a girl who was younger than me. The youngest happens to be a year older than me. Personally I don’t think age is an issue but I seem to be alone on this even one of my girlfriends broke up with me when she realized I was 2 years her junior. Most guys both married and single seem to advise me that I can date whoever I want but when it comes to marriage I should look for someone who is atleast 3 years my Junior([SIZE=3]though some insisted on5yrs or more[/SIZE]).
When I ask for the rationale behind the statement., most of them give this gaze :eek: like i just asked something so obvious while others just give me vague answers. So men would you date/marry a woman older than you?and females would you date/marry a man younger than you? by what margin(range) and if not, why?.

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It’s really simple.
Marriage thrives on Trust and Respect.
It’s very difficult for a woman older than you to respect you and your opinions.
In time you feel undermined and that creates contempt and mistrust.

Without Respect and Trust there is no relationship never mind a marriage.

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Its a common saying in these streets that when dating a woman who is older than you, wether you are a reknown professional fucker who has a wholiper experience in sex matters and moneyed. She will never respect you in all situations.

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Same predicament man. Never had a serious thing with someone my own age. Whenever am with someone younger, I can’t develop real feelings for them and end up using them. Don’t know what to do about it.

If you are dating older women they only need two things from you:

  1. You have a job (usiwasumbue na pesa)
  2. Mjulubeng

In my 30s I prefer early twenties. Also depends on your age, if you are 20, then 18-23 is not bad.
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You must be looking really old physically

Respect isn’t synonymous to age.

I can marry an older woman who’s not older than 3 yrs.

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am dating an older woman ( by 7 years Na hakuna issue so far)

she loves my big penis.

only small penised men worry about age gap.

I thought you were married?? Personally i only get into a relationship with guys 5 to 7 years older than me.

boy wetu amekuskia skia advice ya leo


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Mmmh… Interesting I thought that during dating is the time where you asses compatibility which includes respect . what if during the dating period such issues does not arise does that mean they are bound to happen in the future ie when you get married? Thanks

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