Married men


Read the mind of your better half…suprise her with gifts.dont wait for your wife to ask for something you know she loves.dont do something that might make her sad.cherish her.protect her and above all i repeat always SURPRISE her

Shura imepotea Sana.

You will die a very frustrated woman, Mark my words.

Kwanza ile iko na kofia inaenda bash.

That’s it, hiyo kizungu ingine yote ni tissue.
Doesn’t have to be a wife, any female being rhat you’ll spend on will give you the assumed respect until you stop.

What do you think ate Joe?The kid and mum got better spenders, sasa wanamhung with a battalion of slayqueens

[ATTACH=full]253914[/ATTACH]what are the unsaid words here?

And here we were tukidhani communication ni kifunguo

You women are delusional to say the least.

Rana Temporaria ikuje fastafasta

What do women bring on the table? Nothing. That’s why men are taking the red pill


never take advice about women from women …

Women live in delusions and dreams until they’re awoken by the thundering bang when they collide with THE WALL.


SQ, thots and kungurus bring nothing to the table lakini kuna wanawake out there that complement you as a man as they match your hustle, ambition and work ethic shida ni niwachache sana na kila mwanamke thinks that she is the whole package.


hehehe,in return for?

The true meaning of “uliza kiatu”…

The thread was addressing married men, nimeona alpha males wale husema they can’t marry hapa muna jijua.