Married Co-worker

I have been flirting with a married co-worker for some time now, she works in Finance and the lady puts on some very sexy skirts that make me horny. On Friday nikamwambia kimchezo atoe mpango wa jioni, demu akasema “sio leo, kwani wataka mzee aniue?” I then asked her when else we cud hook up, she said her hubby wud b traveling on Sato (jana) n she’ll call me once ready. Mimi nikachukulia maybe she was politely turning down my offer, so Friday jioni mimi na nyege zangu nikaelekea Modern nikamchafua poko mmoja then nikaenda Simmers nikapata poko wa kulala. So jana aftee she sends me a text kuwa she will go out with me but has to be back home by 9pm, nikakubali. We went clubbing huku demu namchapa black ice double double, but nikimpima naona yuko sober bado (my plan was to get her drunk fast, that way laying her wud b easy). We then started dancing huku nikimdara dara kiasi while maintaining the flow of drinks. The lady seemed to enjoy the music n by the time she was checking the time, alishtukia ni 11pm. I told her we can get a cab twende home kwangu then mrng she can go to her place, akakubali. Kufika home kwangu demu akamtumia hubby a gdnt txt kisha simu akaiweka silent in readiness for mdinyano. Mrng kufika alijam sana akasema no one should ever find out what we did n that we need to keep distance btwn us going forward. I was ok with that, in fact I told her that I will delete her number as well n she seemed ok with it. Wen she got to her place, she called to tell me she had arrived safely n thanked me for everything……then apologize for her early mrng reaction saying it was out of embarrassment n guilt as she has never played her hubby. Then akasema “hope you didn’t delete my number, if u did basi save” So sijui, hivi kuna uwezekano wa kumdinya huyu demu tena? Siwezi mind, ni mtamu sana

poko wa modern

poko wa simmers on my bed, naked

married co-worker kwangu, sending hubby a txt


Mimi naona ukikufa hivi karibuni. Luwere luwereeee …


Well done Kidinyi…

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whoop @Kidinyi hehe wewe una story mob sana.

Na ukikuta the hubby is one of us in ktalk who critisizes your way of life and says he has a loving wife back home? :D:D

I believe alcohol brings out the honest side of our personality. We spend most of our sober hours trying too much to conform and be politically correct


that cud b none other than @SonOfTheSoil

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More pics of the married worker.

am hoping to take mo of them akikubali round 2

Good read. Lakini wanawake wamekua malaya sana. Sorry state of affairs!!

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if this is marriage then whoever said marrying a beautiful and sexy woman is like planting maize by the roadside apewe oscar

tread carefully na bibi ya wenyewe otherwise very soon kaburi tutapata imeandikwa here lies kidinyi the poko slayer


Ok. More pics of poko wa modern.

Hekaya poa lakini buy phone ina camera. Kubaff!

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team mafisis rule number 33, never fuck the same married woman more than two times

Tafakarihi hayo


Yenyewe husband akiwa talker hapa na asome hii post si ata join tu dots na ajuwe huyo ni bibi yake kwanza umeanika picha yake.

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From that photo am sure the husband can recognize the woman if he’s a talker. Aren’t you risking too much?

Atamrecognize basing on what? kwani is she the only one with that kind of top and the necklace and the watch?

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The streets of Nairobi are very unforgiving, been there done that.
Back in the day i used to roll with a click of 7 jamas, we all had nice jobs and a bad attitude, we would paint Nairobi red every weekend, fuck all sorts of bitches and punished any male that crossed our path, club bouncers avoided us like the plague
that was 15 years ago
out of the 7 its only 2 of us that are still around, i like to refer the the other 5 as fallen solders
i saw the light before it was too late
you need to do the same


i would not worry about that, i still have a loving wife in the hse, don;t think she would risk loosing all the property I’ve provided to her and the kids for a one nite stand with a poor guy like @Kidinyi

Put up a thread on this will ya??


Have you ever, while on your business spotted a chic wearing an outfit your woman wears and thought, damn, that looks like my exact so and so? It’s very possible.

when i get time i will