Marriage le scam

Wanaume si munatesa these your wifeys sana. Can groups za wamama ni lawama tuu. Eish! Is this what people should expect when they become worthy of a man’s life long commitment and resources, resources gani and you don’t even own a house and if you are like 55 and over ni zile za Joska and outskirts of Nairobi metropolis na unajidai a man’s resources nunua nyumba Nairobi tukuamini uko na resources sio Kajiado ama Machakos. Munachocha mtu ati am wifing you up. Umeshinda jackpot. Akiingia kwako anapata kwa ground mambo ni tifferent. Fake ass wannabe niggaz. Bure kabisa. Very useless.

Ladies niliwashow kitambo mwanaume sio mamako ni stranger tena chatu ile poisonous ya bright colors, make sure you are getting PAID HANDSOMELY for risking your life cohabiting na nyoka poisonous. Uhusiano ni alete pesa. Nothing else. Hata akitaka kuoa tena isikusumbue, now you have mtu wa kuacha mzigo. Akikudog apana catch feelings just weka condom mpangoni akikataa kuvaa mwambie hatakuletea ukimwi uwache watoto wako wakiteseka na uende lock down. Marriage is an enterprise its not a friendship and has nothing to do with love. It’s a business. You give whatever you give. He gives money. Bas. No more, no less. Ukitaka mapenzi enda kwa mamako akupende. Mwanaume function yako in your life should be only one. Kuleta. AOB. Leave for those who have energy. Energy yako ni yakushughulikia watoto sio kushinda uki catch mafeelings juu ya mtu. Aki leta pesa that’s all that matters. He has done his part achana na yeye afanye vituko we upambane na hali yako na watoto wako. Marriage hataki mtu wa Roho fupi na Roho soft. Inataka the devil may care but not me attitude bure utakufa na ulcers and high blood pressure tukuzike mama. Na ataoa mtu mwengine before hata uzikwe, watoto wako wabaki wakiteseka. We have buried many.

Lemme stop ranting story ndio hii…

Have just found out that my husband has been promoted at work. He never told me about the interview nor the promotion, am just hearing him calling friends and bragging about it.

What has marriage turned into?
Why am I not happy about his promotion?

A year ago he was promoted and given a transfer to Mozambique, only I and God know what I went through.
He couldn’t pick my calls at night, despites the fact that I was heavily pregnant then…
He was demoted after just 3 months and came back to the country.

Upon coming back,he had a ring on his finger with initials in it, when I asked him,he gave me a girl’s name,saying g that she gave him coz men are less in that country, mark you, I had a two weeks old child,and nursing a cs wound.

I quit my job,but I thank God ,I passed the first interview I attended when my baby turned 7 months.

What is it that this man didn’t tell me when I was staying Indoors during those 7 months?
How I was shapeless, just because I has a potty after the cs,though I have my flat tummy back now.
How am nolonger attractive, how his girlfriends are shapely unlike me, not forgetting I had a child who fully depended on breast milk.

He pays all the Bill’s and the rest of his salary goes to women and alcohol.
For instance,we have never been intimate for a year now,though we share the same bed.
We are literally strangers.
How do I forgive all his betrayal?
How can be happy about his promotion when he has not even shared it with me till now.

I tried leaving last week but he wont let me.
Is this what marriage life is like?

I work and earn a moderately good pay, I live in a good house,eat well,dress well,but I got no peace.

Am going crazy, I just wish I could talk to someone

Tickle the bean polepole bila kusumbua kijiji

These are wise men,… I concur with their notion of dealing with their women like a burukenge… mtu kazi ni complain and nagging… na ku expect apewe…

Following for reach hubby and 1000 others. Ukiachwa achika madam.


Wasee Wasee…commentin mpaka zifike comments 1 billion …ndio nanii asikie pooa
NKT nugu

Ni wewe uliniwacha umbwa. We kwanza uko na nini ndio uniletee hio mdomo yako refu hapa ostrich wewe.

I’ve told you during quarantine you insult me I block you. So bye.

an Ostrich cannot dialogue with a human but a fellow ostrich. [usiniletee makasiriko ya reach hubby]

Unataka nipelekee nani kama sio wewe? OCS?


I think the crux of all this is, you’re jealous of him mostly because you’re insecure. You want him to stay stagnant and predictable. I wonder what he’d say about u

Full Disclosure

I don’t post anything personal here. These are copy paste from Kilimani Mums.

You have a lot of free time

Huyu Kapoti guaranteed ni post-wall singo mum. This is why we date 25 years magzimum. Hii roho chuma bado haijawaingia

Si we are on quarantine boss what is your problem?

Nothing wrong . Just stating.

Lol… You used to splash your private life here until the reach husband divorced you. Burukenge pambana na hali yako

Niaje my dear?

It was true stories Kwani?

Trumancapote! None writes better than her! I read her posts for originality. None would write all that for free… at least I mostly quote my books!