Marriage isint heaven afterall

Two years ago, KBC’s Roncliffe
Odit walked down the aisle with
his long-time girlfriend, Irene, in
a colourful wedding ceremony
attended by who-is-who in the TV
Since then, his marriage has been
shaky and he has divorced his
wife and walked out of their
matrimonial home.
According to Roncliffe’s
neighbours, he has been giving
his estranged wife a dog’s beating
and when she recently flew out
on a business trip, he brought his
many clandestine lovers in their
matrimonial home.
But more shocking is that when
his wife jetted back in the
country last month, she met their
house empty.
Apparently, Roncliffe took all
their belongings and moved to
another house with his Mpango
wa Kando who happens to be a
fellow news anchor.
He has been sending his
estranged wife threatening
messages warning her of dire
consequences if she attempts to
involve police in their divorce