marketing strategy?

So, I found some kid loading a site on my pc, then nikaona some link in one of my WhatsApp groups.
If you wanna earn some pretty money follow the info down below…The company (Faidasasa) pays you for referring others. It’s an an affiliate of Future Marketing International (FMI). It operates in Kenya, Uganda, & Tanzania in partnership with safaricom.
You earn ksh.20 for each direct referral and ksh.5 per each indirect refferal.
N/B the number of referrals is unlimited, only the levels going downwards are limited to 9. Invite and earn…
JOIN by clicking the link below and activate your account for just 100/ bob
Don’t trip nigga!��
customer support: +254711111267.

Is Safaricom using this to market their tap to pay system?

Ngoja wanakam

Ya kwanza hatuclick ya pili my tafuta helmet ka huna sufuria will do just fine wako njiani wanakuja

Siwes gusa ata


Wewe ni jinga design gani? You think we’re children? We’re busy dissecting national politics and here you are being a bonobo.

It’s a question, DON’T push it!

Because what are you going to do? It’s not a question it’s obviously something you are advertising and trying to bait us into.

Peleka scam yako fb where it will be accepted. Hapa apantambua!

Ni swali nauliza, nkt!!:mad: