ive noticed most of these turbo and car sound enthusiasts have graduated to mark xs’. so the notion that mark x has a low resale value is going to end…[ATTACH=full]308587[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]308588[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]308589[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]308588[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]308587[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]308589[/ATTACH]

That is one ugly Mark X. Afadhali angeiwacha factory settings.

They can’t race against a car with Turbo! I usually take Mark X, Crown, Fuga, Teana, Skyline to the cleaners with my 2.0 TFSI engine! Heck, I don’t even spare prados and VX V8s


na hii?

My w211 biturbo would smoke them

So you see one Mark X then you conclude that it is the new masin for nancy boys?

Leo ume Anza jaba mapema aje?

Fisked. That’s the correct word in this context ndio petrol heads waelewe unaongea kuhusu nini

Maskini wacha wivu

Jealous homosexual

Heri maskini mla jasho yake kuliko mwizi. Wewe Corona ndio ina kuweka kuwa uhai. Saa hii ungekuwa ulinyuria kitambo.

Mark X is an executive car…performing too much mods on it makes it look a bit unwieldy. They are better as sleepers, cars that look normal on the outside but smoke you once you challenge them. If you want to keep up with the subies this is what you do upgrade the brakes, Mark X’s brakes are mediocre for their performance. Get 18" wheels with a 235/245 width and good wheels and also a stiffer suspension(optional) and a tune(also optional). Anything on top of that is unnecessary(though some LED light mods appeal to my inner child). The next thing is knowing your car, Mark X has a naturally aspirated engine which means power and torque becomes available up there in the rev range, so even with a tune, you are likely to lose a drag race with something like a Golf GTI which has a 2.0L turbo. Where you are likely to shine is rolling races from 60KM/hr here the Mark X is the gift that keeps on giving while at that point most turbos are past their peak power/torque bands. I have a chipped Mark X and am easily able to smoke GTI’s AUDI A4’s and the 320i’s and c200’s and keep up with C250’s and 328i’s. The next thing is knowing your limits, don’t go challenging turbo Subarus utalilia choo, Ukiona c300/E350/335i ama any Audi with an S/RS badge or golf with an R badge nyenyekea. But the thing is, most of the cars that blow it out of the water cost magnitudes more to acquire and keep on the road. The last thing is get a car for what you need from it and drive safely…PS: am talking about the Mark X with the 2500cc engine, av seen some with the 3500cc and they are beasts and if resale value is a factor when you are buying a car, maybe buy a plot

Informative. What more can you do to squeeze more power from that plant?

If you are on a budget, a tune will get you from 200 stock hp to between 230 an 265hp and from 265Nm to around 275-300Nm while keeping things reliable. Though not seen it in Kenya, I know there exists a supercharging kit that takes the power to 350-400hp, the reveiws on resulting reliability are scant but I beleive it can handle the power. Toyotas are built to last. There is a guy in Japan who fitted the Nissan GTR engine into a toyota hiace “box” and run all other stock components(gearbox, differential e.t.c) except the brakes(This is on YouTube). There is also some guys in Malaysia who fit tuned Toyota 2JZ engines(stock 220hp but can be tuned and turbo’d to 600hp on stock components) to Mark X’s with the stock gearbox, diff and only upgrading the breaks. This two cases inspires a lot of confidence on what can be done

Mark X, Crowns, Skylines etc should be kept stock. Fanya buffing and leave it at that. They are designed more as executive cars. If you want a car to tinker with, basi get one of those turbo subarus

You know of anyone in Kenya that does this kind of tuning?

bagperformance(instagram), AKAutomotive(The guys who restored the Landcruiser 100 with structurally damaged roof, they are in Facebook), Modz&Lights(Facebook/Instagram though am not so sure) and charley automobile(Facebook)

Kwani yako inakaa aje

Bica ya hiyo TFSI

Mwizi,utapigwa risasi lini ukufe utuondoke na kabla uzikwe nije nikuchunishe sukuma ukiwa icecold