Marie Stopes

Wadau, mlisema hii ndio the best clinic for a comprehensive reproductive health check? Is there an alternative such as a government facility? What are your reviews?

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If you want privacy then Marie stopes is the place. Though there are expensive


Ebu shed some light. Privacy is broad.

Kwani wewe ni coomer carrier?

Amepata ball ya mcea

“…comprehensive reproductive health check…”

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enda pereka msichana wa shule atoe mimba kabla mamake ajue. Naumnunulie ribena ile kubwa. Otherwise unaenda kifungo ya miaka ishirini ndani. Saa hii sio wakati ya kufanya budget. Ni uende mbio hiyo kitu itoke na uingia karura akishapona. Also make sure you delete your conversations on her phone. Think about it this way. No matter how much it costs, it’s not 20 years behind bars

Sasa mtu haezi fanya general check-up :joy::joy:

How many people think to themselves,
“I have some money, let me do a comprehensive reproductive health check”


Huyu ameweka nju’anga kwa shimo mbaya. Enda casino kama hufiki bei ya Marie stopes

hehe umepea underage mimba?

ukienda 20 years in jail juu ya msichana wa shule who is expected to take care of the kid?

You sound very worried elder. Go and donate blood. Those checks will be part of the screening process. Free.
Of course kwa questionnaire ukiulizwa if you have ever paid for siegs, you must say no.

Am an doctor…but an expensive one

Ulisomea English grammar kwa dirisha?

Wanaweza fanya prostate orgasm test

marie stopes are ok they give you a comprehensive review of your health email the results and you can even go directly to a pharmacist and get treatment with no need of consultation or consultation fees


we believe you sir :grin:

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