.....Margaret Aswani vs Margaret Kenyatta....slow mid-morning

just look at the first lady’s look alike

While Aswani’s mother hails from Gatundu and her father from Britain, the first lady’s father, Dr Njuguna Gakuo also hails from Gatundu and was married to Margaret’s mum, Magdalenna, a German.

Interestingly, the two also have three children, both a daughter and two sons.
Aswani has reportedly been turning many heads in the city, especially her customers, who flock her eatery, Pishon Restaurant, which is located along River Road. Many patronise her establishment just so they can get a look at her.

What’s more, even traffic police officers are said to frequently salute Aswani.


magreat magarates…Ningekua na uwezo ningedai DNA bt since siwezi,natazama tuu


Aswani’s mother is from GATUNDU
1st Lady’s papa also hails from gatodo
Do the maths yourselefusi…

kuna rough game ilichezwa enzi zile kule gatundu,

DNA ifanywe mara hiyo hiyo

i think ni coincidence…kama ni wa dr.gakuo then aswani would have been all black…not a pointee…ama?