maraga warns the ruler

Maraga warns the president and jubillee leaders 4 their utterances about the supreme court and its judges.he vehemently cautioned them that they will be held culpable if anything happens to any of the judges.

Which utterances? Kwani Maraga ni mungu? Nobody in Kenya is above the law. Guilt inauma mtu.Bure kabisa


And how will he hold the president personally liable?


This guy forgot that it’s the president or someone in the jubilee who employed him.How can he turn against his own employer?The devil is a lier.

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Tuko na palito, brare sheet… . RWNEBP

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Stupid mungikis

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Maraga ni nani?maraga ni mkora ya kawaida tu.

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say no more…



stupid faggot


Wanaume sio zaidi ya watano wako na makende ya kutosha kuongoza nchi hii. The rest of you are a waste of space. I

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Hiyo sweep jo


He has now become just another NASA leaning activist

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Hey, maraga is qualified for that job, thats not manner that he picked from heaven. Should you fire him, he will revert back to what he was doing before. And after all he will exit that office some day, Judiciary sio kwake.
cut that Bullshit of yours

There you go. Fixed.


Maraga must go.

why aren’t those protesters not ‘facing the full force of the law’?..fairness died with our currency

I know ever since he made that announcement of doing elections again.He has been living in fear.If he gets fired he might run away from this country very fast.

Vilifying Maraga is defeatist, shallow and childish. But to each his own.

Maraga is the president of Judiciary. Comprehend? And which law is this you’re talking about?

Was it by any favor from Jubilee that Maraga got the job? Even if so, so should he serve in favor of the govt?