Maraga and Mwilu at Uhuru Park

Habari ndio hiyo kwa Sorosites.

They have to redeem themselves.

He’s the chief justice. It would be atrocious not to appear.

Heheee but it was expedient for him not to attend the opening of parliament because his handlers had decreed it was unconstitutional.

Wako wapi long distance thinkers waseme maraga in jubilee sasa:D

i smell a rat… ebu watu wa naswa mkose kupiga kura

weka mbisa …

This is celebrations not official business. No legal or constitutional considerations.

Some people are really myopic. Everything is seen through political lenses.

So which

So which should be a priority,official business or celebrations?If he can only show his face during celebration he has no business being in that office.

@FieldMarshal CouchP nimeona kwa jukoa in a red tie

they could not attend the kisumu one as that would have exposed their biasness even more . they need to pretend a little longer —long enough to nullify Uhurus second victory

You wished he would not attend so you label him “NASA”

I’m supporting your sentiments bwana Rene. I have never - anywhere on this forum, in public and in private - called Maraga a Nasa guy. I’ve never branded him and I don’t believe for a single second that he’s a Nasa sympathiser despite what others here say.
I’m happy he attended because it is the right thing to do despite the thoughts of others.

You don’t determine who has business in any office based on his or her attendance at functions. Even Mutunga at one point refused to attend Parliamentary sittings.
Chill chief.

You are right boss,he has the right to choose what functions to attend but for me choosing to attend a celebration over an important event like the opening of parliament goes way to show misplaced priorities,smacking hypocrisy,delusional personality but above all a deranged mind.

Truth be told, nonsense. You just don’t like him because he annulled the election. Beyond that, you have zero reasons. In fact all your feeling and thoughts are based on that singular fact.
You know it.

What is good for the goose must be good for the gander,there is no two way about it.

Tukutane kwa debe

Anataka akae shujaa