mapenzi sio mchezo

Thanks guys for your advice regarding ile situation yangu…im trying to avoid her as much as possible…leo hata sija mwongelesha.But naumia sana ndani ya roho…how long will this situation last…is it a crush or what…naskia maisha hata haina ladha.Jana nili lia sana kwa kitanda hadi nikalala…dont get me wrong im not a sissy na hata siamini nabehave hivi.Nikimwona natoanga jasho sana…has anybody ever experienced this and how long did it take u to get over it?

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Listen to Kidum ft. Lady Jaydee “NITAFANYA”. You could be playing your cards wrongly. We ladies love to be pampered but don’t pamper us much or you might end up fooling yourself. Don’t show your weakness and remember that she’s not the only one who’s got “ikus”. I have it too but it belongs to someone else.


hehehe boss,



Admin monk. itisha huu jamaa kitambulisho

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the only reason a man has for crying is the loss of a loved one or when you ejaculate so hard its too beautiful not to cry…but never because of a woman.SHAME ON YOU


FYI the only part of the body that should cry at this stage is “MR. MAN (ONE EYED)”

She wasnt even your chic and you are crying? style the fuck up! Are you senior villager or the village bitch? the only reason you should be spewing such nonsense for us is because you are 13yrs old and she is the girl of your (wet) dreams!


Ongeeni mbaya lakini ile siku mtajipata in such a situation hamtacheka…kwanza kuanzia leo nikiskia mtu amejiua juu ya mapenzi sitawai mdharau…i know what heartache feels like.

Break your virginity pale SJ, told you before ni kibuyu imejaa.Your judgement is clouded.Ok then, do you know if shw gives in and the two of you are together.You will cum by touching her tits or the sight of the camel toe.

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wacha mchezo…

Ati ulilia… Hahahahahaha

Woishe . . :frowning: u will feel better , just keep urself busy

Quit being a little bitch

Quit being a little bitch

aki Purr_27 dont encourage the lad. These are nonsense sympathy votes the guy is looking for. We have all been rejected at one time or another, but his case is garbage. he was a non-starter with the chic so now he is throwing tantrums here?

I still cant stop laughing yaani you cried yourself to sleep? hahahaha

Yeah i did it…this is no joke mister…haujawai ona mtu akimeza sumu…

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened…


its just the image that is quite hard to fathom, with beards and all

This nigga is suffering from BDS
( bitch dependency syndrome ) man the fuk up fool!