Manual vs automatic

Guys i am in dilemma of choosing which type of car transmission I should buy please advise.kati ya manual na automatic gani ni poa

Uliza mfuko yako pamoja na account :D:D:D

Hehehe… why settle for one ? You enjoy both.

Which vehicle model are we talking about here?

You can have any but dont buy a small engine manual.

Buy one with a triptronic transmission.

If you r lazy like me go for automatic , kazi ni kushikilia steering na one hand hiyo zingine iko kwa simu, and very minimal manpower to accelerate and to stop.

its all about your preference, and like man power says, use that criteria to figure out…personally i would go for a manual any day, mimi ndio kugawa gears si comp

Automatic, but make sure you can drive a manual anytime ukipata. The knowledge is important. I learned how to drive a manual using my uncle’s matatu back in the day. As soon as he discovered akanipea kazi ya kumuendeanga bar akilewa sana nampeleka kwake.

Automatic ni poa…

Manual transmission is overrated