Mandago asema wananchi kwisha


Saying it as it is. BBY is the worst idea to have ever been conceived in Kenya … when reality sets in akina @BBIsiMuhimu watalia sana

BBI iko Sawa

Langatkipro premium tears are loading

it’s the worst but shida ni the citizens don’t care bora mtu wao ako juu. the current constitution is very much okay, but since 2014 mandago and company has been part of the team cheering it’s non compliance, what if ruto wins 2022? am sure they’ll change tune and say bbi is the best , sahi tu nivile they’re in the “opposition”. if tomorrow rao says bbi is trash,all njagos will dance to the new tune. we’re a country with no principles that’s why we gave UK 25 years tax free exports to Kenya yet same Kenyans complain no jobs, hata hiyo ya vegetables wamepea Kenyans am sure iko na a lot of hidden clauses.

But has anyone noticed SRC will be controlled by the president?it’s also possible it’s going to be useless to be an MP if you don’t become a minister or deputy

Problem is with their mouths they say they truth but their stomachs leads them the opposite direction